Life Education Queensland Launches New Online Platform

Visiting schools in Queensland for 34 years, Healthy Harold is an Australian icon. But COVID-19 brought a stop to face-to-face delivery of the health and safety program in the iconic Healthy Harold vans for the first time in the charity’s history. With thousands of Queensland children now back at school, the program’s educators are heading back to schools state-wide, teaching in the classroom for the time-being instead of the familiar mobile learning centres. But for children who can’t access a visit from Healthy Harold just yet, there’s a new online learning platform – Life Education @ Home. The comprehensive online hub provides many of the much-loved lessons via a program of engaging videos starring educators and Harold. This means children, even in remote parts of the state, can access Life Education from home for free.

The lessons cover topics including staying safe and healthy during the pandemic, cybersafety, social-emotional wellbeing and the importance of nutrition and physical activity. The interactive lessons are fun and educational, allowing kids to pause the video while they complete activities and answer questions. There are also a series of shorter videos with Healthy Harold showing kids how to wash their hands properly, stay active and practise social distancing. More than 100 schools have already registered, allowing thousands of children to continue to access vital health and wellbeing information.

The hub is not only for children however. It also offers support and advice for parents, including podcasts with experts to help families.

Sue Osmond, Life Education Queensland educator, says, “As educators, we love interacting with the children in the van to teach our regular program, but filming some of our modules alongside Harold, means we can still connect with kids during this time and give them important messages about safety, healthy foods and how their bodies work.”

“It’s also great to know that through the online learning program, we can support children’s emotional resilience too. When kids can see Healthy Harold from the safety of their own homes, it’s going to give them a reason to smile.”

Parents and schools can register online at It only takes a minute, so what are you waiting for? Life Education Queensland’s team of educators are also available to provide telephone and online support to teachers and parents accessing the new platform.

About Life Education Queensland

Life Education Queensland is the state’s largest provider of preventative health education to school children. With the help of their iconic mascot Healthy Harold the giraffe, Life Education Queensland has been empowering children and young people to make safer and healthy choices for 34 years.

They work with more than 800 schools and pre-schools and almost 10,000 Queensland teachers, with more than 230,000 Queensland students participating in the program in 2018/2019.

The award-winning program covers nutrition, exercise, bullying, and cybersafety, drug and alcohol education, sexual health, and respectful relationships.