Life as a rural family in Kurrimine Beach|Life as a rural family Kurrimine Beach Montana McGuire|Life as a rural family Kurrimine Beach Billy McGuire

Living rurally has vast differences from living close to a city, but what’s it like to raise kids in a rural area? These kids spend the weekends riding motorbikes and horses, and attend a smaller school during the week. PakMag reader Raz McGuire from Kurrimine Beach shares her story as a rural family living in Kurrimine Beach…

“We moved here from Yungaburra  eight years ago. We love our lives here. My daughter Montana only knows life here in Kurrimine. She was brought home from the hospital to this town. Her big brother Billy was four years old at the time.

It’s funny; Montana and Bill get excited when we go to Cairns & the big shopping centres. It makes me smile!
Their freedom to do the little things like ride their bikes to a friends place to play, to the beach to build a cubby houses or ride to the Servo for a ice block makes this place unique. They go netting in the mornings or squidding in the nights on school holidays. We spend time at our freshwater creeks after school in the summer time and on weekends. Riding motorbikes and horses is also common for the kids around here.

Life as a rural family Kurrimine Beach Montana McGuire

Montana McGuire enjoying the sunshine out on the water

Going to school

We have less than 70 students at our school in Silkwood. The bus picks the kids up and drops them off everyday with a happy bus driver Simone that looks out for our kids like her own. St John’s has all the new age modern facilities a big city school has. They have fibre optic internet, air conditioned class rooms, big multi purpose shelter for kids to play under and each student has their own chrome book. They even practice meditation and yoga as part of their schooling.

The classrooms are peaceful and quiet, and the teachers are 100% focused on the kids staying up to speed on all aspects of their education. If a child is having trouble in a particular area, this child will be given every opportunity to be brought up to speed to ensure that child is not left behind. Every student is as important as the next, I love that about our school.

Local events

We march together every ANZAC DAY, then spend the day together at the King Reef Resort. Once a year, our school holds a special event called Feast of the three Saints. This festival brings thousands of people from NQ and across the country. It has been running for 68 years! The festival features traditional foods and dancing is thoroughly enjoyed by people of all ages.

You know when you wake up to the sound of tractors that the weather is great & the fish are biting. We have Kurrimine Beach water park less than five minutes from home. It has a couple of slides, massive blow up floaties, flying fox and jumping castle to keep the kids entertained. The park holds open family days to bring the community together.

Life as a rural family Kurrimine Beach Billy McGuire

Billy McGuire shows off his proud catch.

The Kurrimine Beach Fishing Club hold a fabulous fishing competition here once a year. It has turned into such a big event that our committee won the Australia Day Best Small community event on Australia Day a few years back! So big in fact, that it brings in 2000+ people to our little fishing village.

Our Servo that is owned by a local family is our post office. It also sells cold ice, bait & tackle, fish and chips, fruit and veggies. Everyone goes there to get their mail as there is no mail run in Kurrimine Beach.

As a single parent, I’m a wealthy woman when it comes to lifestyle. The freedoms and education my kids have here I just couldn’t afford or allow in a big city. Kurrimine Beach is a fun, tight knit community that looks out for each other and the kids.

Country life is for us.

Kind Regards,
Raz, Billy & Montana McGuire
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