Learning Manners the Fun Way


Equipping children with good table manners is an important lesson that all parents should give to their children. Using good table manners allows the focus to be placed on the conversation and not on the act of eating. And knowing your children have good dining etiquette gives you the confidence to know that they will be able to participate in any dining situation with ease.

Walking through the food courts in our local malls and also the Night Markets I often point out how bad table manners and dining skills can look. It may seem unfair but our table manners can give others an overall impression of who we are, and in some cases it can provide a negative impression unnecessarily.

We learn our manners from home from our parents and sadly with today’s busy lifestyles families don’t always get a chance to sit down to a meal together. Some children don’t know how to use a knife and fork let alone the more intricate skills in dining.

What Table Manners Should Children Learn?

By 13 years of age, children should, without prompting:

• Wash their hands and face before sitting down to the table.
• Sit down in their proper seat and put their napkin in their lap.
• When eating at home or at friend’s homes, ALWAYS take their plate to the bench and thank their hosts.
• Stay seated in their seats without wiggling in their chairs, going under the table, or getting up and down.
• Say, “Excuse me” and ask permission to leave the table.
• Know that elbows do not belong on the table.
• Keep their mouths closed while chewing and eat bite sized pieces so that they can swallow before talking if asked a question.

There are so many rules to abide by when it comes to good table manners that it can sometimes seem overwhelming but E&M Etiquette Training and Coaching teach table manners in a fun and unique environment.

E&M’s Etiquette Parties and Training Sessions can help prepare your child for any social situation, dinner party or function and teaches your child manners they’ll use for a lifetime. And they can have fun with their friends whilst learning.

Teresa from E&M and her assistants, daughters Eva and Malia, are available for two hour sessions, great for birthday parties or just a fun afternoon out.

Choose from:

Package 1: One hour Make-Up Tutorial + one hour Table Manners for teens, tweens includes Photo Booth and pictures of your party for each guest.

Package 2: One hour Table Manners + one hour session covering meet and greet, polite conversation, telephone and texting manners, non-verbal communication, and online and social networking manners.

Sessions are $235.00 and include all utensils, napkins, proprietary power points, make-up and prizes for boys and girls.

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