It’s important not to blur the line between decorating and cluttering, especially in a kitchen environment. Here are our tips for making your kitchen clutter free while keeping your personal style.

If you have a blank wall, try installing a set of shelves to display your unique collection of mugs or dishes while creating a decorative storage unit.

Your kitchen, like a good outfit, needs the right accessories to complete its unique style. Try adding a pop of colour to your kitchen with bright stools or a decorative rug. Remember to use bright colours in your kitchen as dark shades are known to reduce natural light.

Bringing Nature Inside
Make your kitchen feel fresh again by finally adding that potted herb garden you’ve been talking about. There are endless ways to display and decorate your kitchen with a herb garden, whether it be hanging from a wall structure or built into the kitchen bench, these gardens are the perfect accessory that are both practical and decorative.

Colour Coordinate
If you plan to paint your kitchen, stick to one or two colours; any more can make the space seem messy or cluttered. We suggest trying a pastel colour scheme, including shades of pink and blue to create a clean modern environment. Pair these colours with a white marble counter top and rose gold utensils to complete this unique look.

A simple way to revamp your kitchen at an affordable price is the use of an effective splashback. If you already have an existing splashback, try adding a unique touch of colour by replacing it with decorative wallpaper with a clear glass panel in-front of it.

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