Is One Enough|Is One Enough

Which is better – having one child, or having multiple? There are many conflicting opinions on this topic, but let’s see how the facts compare.

“Are you going to give your child a brother or sister? Aren’t they lonely playing by themselves?”

…Is something you might hear from other people. The common misconception here is assuming that the child will be lonely because they do not have any siblings to play with. Most people who grew up as an only child will be able to tell you that this is not true, and children are very good at entertaining themselves. After all, not having siblings doesn’t automatically make the child lonely. Children make friends through playgroups and school and are often closer with their cousins. Only children typically don’t know any better – being an only child is all they’ve ever known as they’ve grown up. At the end of the day, they learn how to entertain themselves for some time and be perfectly happy with it, too.

There are many perks of having one child! A lot of the time, the decision not to have a second child comes out of the careful consideration of what’s best for the first child and the parents. Sometimes the parents may not be able to have a second child due to financial or health reasons, and therefore keeping it at one opens up more opportunities for the child and gives them the best shot at life. Some parents believe they may not be able to handle a second child; after all, babies are a lot of work. Only children also have the chance to spend more one-on-one time to play with their parents, giving you the chance to be involved in your child’s life and for you two to build a strong emotional bond. Having a second child just for the purpose of providing your first child with a playmate doesn’t always work out; there are plenty of siblings who fight together more than they play together. You never know how it may turn out.

Is One Enough

Parents with one child often cop a lot of comments about being selfish for not giving their child a sibling, but it’s generally safe to assume that the parents know what’s best for their child and their family. Having a child is a life-long commitment, and deciding whether or not you want more after having your first is an important decision. Don’t let other people’s opinions cloud your decision-making. Some parents have one child, and that is enough for them – and that’s okay!