2018 is a very exciting year for PakMag. Not only will we continue to provide great information on what’s on in Cairns, give you top tips for parenting and have heaps of prizes to win, we’ll also have experts in areas such as health, law and wealth planning who will answer your questions on a monthly basis.

We’re very proud to introduce to you, our first four experts of 2018.

Dr Bobby Griffin / Sunbird Orthodontics

Dr Bobby is Principal Orthodontist and owner of Sunbird Orthodontics. He graduated as a dentist in Scotland in 1999, with academic commendation, and since then, after he emigrated to Australia in 2004, he has gained a number of other academic accolades, which mean he can now call himself a Specialist Orthodontist.

His practice in Smithfield is where he lives out one of his main passions in life, helping both children and adults with their dental and orthodontic needs.

Fun Fact: Dr Bobby wears many hats; he’s an orthodontist, a dad to his son Sachin (6), a runner (who ran the New York marathon), and lead guitarist in 3 bands!


Sunbird Orthodontics

Dr Bobby, what’s difference between a dentist and an orthodontist?

An Orthodontist is like a super-dentist. You need to be a dentist before you can become an orthodontist, and I was a family dentist for 10 years before I became an orthodontist. An Orthodontist is a specialist dentist who only deals with the development of children’s teeth and jaws.

An Orthodontist works together with your regular family dentist, and spends most of their time helping children through the transition from the baby teeth to the adult teeth, trying to avoid or minimize potential problems resulting from crowded and impacted teeth, or from habits like thumb sucking. An Orthodontist also has the skills to correct problems that do arise, and they use things like braces, plates and aligners to fix crooked teeth and bite problems.

Our aim is to ensure that your child has the best possible adult teeth to take into the future, and give your child the confidence to excel.



Dr Elizabeth Jackson / Dr Elizabeth Jackson, Obstetrician Gynaecologist

After finding her passion for obstetrics and gynaecology whilst in medical school, Dr Jackson completed a rigourous program of training and internships to achieve her dream.
She has worked as a private specialist in Cairns since 2015.

Dr Elizabeth is the only women’s health professional who is trained to use the da Vinci robot, a specialised piece of equipment which makes surgery less invasive and recovery time quicker, for which she underwent 3 months of intense training.

Fun Fact: Liz wanted to be a Formula 1 driver until she nearly crashed during a test lap on her honeymoon!


Dr Elizabeth Jackson

Dear Dr Jackson, I’ve been told I need to have a hysterectomy. I’m scared about recovery time. Have you got any advice?

Planning time off work for recovery is important. Recovery may mean the time to go back to work, or resuming exercise or sexual activity. Surgery may leave you tired, and if you have a strenuous job, plan additional time off.

Your gynaecologist will recommend different approaches (which have different recovery times), depending on prior vaginal birth or surgery, uterine size and the need to remove the tubes or ovaries etc.

Vaginal approach is the least invasive, with a 3-4 week recovery time. An open approach is for more complex cases (approx. 6 weeks recovery). Laparoscopic and robotic hysterectomy are minimally invasive techniques which replace open surgery with smaller cuts on the belly (approx. 2 weeks recovery). If your surgery is combined with another operation (such as prolapse), recovery may vary. When you feel comfortable, walking is ok, and at six weeks, your gynaecologist will give you a plan to return to exercise and sexual activity.



Nardine Collier / Collier Laywers

Before moving to Cairns, Nardine spent 20 years in Alice Springs where she ran her own practice. Her experience in this remote environment has made her a more resourceful and creative lawyer. Running a business and raising two boys has also meant that she has found a way to be more efficient by aiding her clients to be more ‘hands on’ with their own cases. It saves Nardine time and, in turn, it saves her clients money!

Nardine holds a Bachelor of Laws, a Master in Applied Law (Family Law), and she’s an accredited specialist in Family Law (professionals with this title are few and it recognises excellence in the field). Nardine is also a nationally accredited mediator and family law arbitrator.

Fun fact: Nardine used to be a race walker and won some events in the Alice Springs Masters Games.


Collier Lawyers

Dear Nardine, My husband and I are talking about separating. What should we be preparing in advance to make this as easy as possible on our family?

I know it sounds obvious, but firstly, explore whether there is any hope for your relationship, by attending counselling.
If you decide that the relationship is really over, here are some things to think about (and ideally discuss with each other, if you still can):
•• What about the kids? How and what will you tell them?
•• Who will stay in the house?
•• How do you sort out finances in the short term? If you’re still communicating amicably, I recommend making a list of joint expenses and working out how much needs to be paid into an account by when.
•• Protect yourself. Is safety an issue? Financially, do you need to close accounts etc? Emotionally, do you have the support you need?
•• Get legal advice.
•• See our website for our step by step separation checklist and “what do we tell our kids?” factsheet



Brent Kelly, Brent Cerutti & Lainie Poon/ Kelly Wealth

The power team behind Kelly Wealth is made up of Brent Kelly (Director and Senior Financial Planner), Brent Cerutti (Director and Senior Financial Planner) and Lainie Poon (Lending Advisor) who combined have over 50 years’ experience in the financial industry.

With a plethora of financial degrees and relevant qualifications between them, the team are well-equipped to help their clients with a range of needs.

Fun facts: Brent K has an Instagram account callled “flavour_up” as he I loves to cook! Brent C worked as a White Water Rafting Guide in the Italian Alps and Tully River after uni (before getting a haircut and a real job!). Lainie’s passion for experience means she spends money on travel, food and family rather than material things.


Kelly Wealth

Dear Kelly Wealth, I have two kids, I work hard and have a mortgage that we are ahead on. I’d love to meet with you, but I don’t have money to invest now. Can you help?
Great question and really common one! Firstly, if you’re ahead with your home loan and you’re looking at further wealth creating, you’re in the right mindset and obviously doing the right things with cash flow.

So, “Can we help?” – absolutely YES. It’s a common misconception that only wealthy people seek the services of a financial planner.

Our process is simple and transparent, and is without a doubt, value for money. We have an initial obligation-free, no-cost meeting to findout if we can help and add value to your situation. If it’s not the right time to undertake a financial plan, we give you some steps to take you forward. In terms of cost, packages start from $550. Our range of services really are tailor-made to match all budgets and needs.