Incredibly Easy Ways to Conserve Water Around the House

Incredibly Easy Ways to Conserve Water Around the House

My kids have a hard time understanding water conservation. Water is all around us – at the beach, in the creeks, at the pools, at the waterparks. So, why can’t we let the hose run for half the day?

Water conservation has become an essential practice in all regions, even in areas where water seems abundant. Not only can conserving your water save you money, but it can also help prevent water pollution and soil saturation.

Reducing the amount of water you (and your kids) use is actually incredibly easy. Minor changes to your daily habits can make a massive difference. Here are a few tips to get you started:

In the Kitchen
1. Use your dishwasher – it actually uses less water than washing dishes by hand. Just make sure you fill it up first.
2. Give each child one glass in the morning to use throughout the day – that way you won’t end up with a house full of half full glasses to wash.
3. Defrost food in the fridge rather than running water on it.
4. If your children accidentally drop ice cubes, don’t throw them in the sink. Drop them in a house plant instead.
5. When washing fruit and veg, add a bowl underneath and collect the water to use to water plants instead.
6. Cook with less water – steaming is always better than boiling and swap water for stock when you can.

In the Bathroom and Laundry
7. Turn the water off when brushing your teeth and washing your hands rather than letting the tap run while you scrub.
8. Reuse the towels – there is no need to wash a towel that has only been used once.
9. Wash only clothes that are dirty. My kids both have a habit of dumping their clean, recently-folded clothes in the laundry because they don’t want to put them away.
10. Don’t always flush. If it’s just wee, let it be (unless someone is coming over). In the average home, the toilet accounts for 28% of water use.

Outside and Around the Yard
11. When the kids complain that it’s too hot outside, put the sprinkler on for them in an area of the lawn that needs watering as well.
12. Invest in a tank outside to trap rain water. You can use this for drinking water, for water to water the garden, to wash the pet or to clean the car.
13. Use a pool cover to help keep your pool clean, reduce chemical use and prevent water loss through evaporation.
14. Invest in a high quality and heavy duty broom to clean your patios, sidewalks and driveways rather than relying on the hose.

In General
15. Track your water usage – keep your water bills every quarter and make it a family goal to try and reduce the amount each month. If you succeed as a family, you get a reward, such as a family trip to the zoo or an ice cream out.
16. Teach your kids to be water aware – explain how to correctly turn off the faucet and to check if a toilet or sink is leaking
17. Invest in water efficient appliances in your kitchen, shower and laundry.