You’ve separated from your partner, the divorce is now finalised, and you’re wondering what exactly you’re supposed to do now. There’s no doubt that in the fact that every divorce is an emotionally exhausting experience, and can leave you thinking where exactly your place in the world is.

Your entire world has been shaken up, and it’s very common to feel lost. Here’s a list of some top tips to help you reinvent yourself and your life after a divorce:


1. Take some time to grieve. No matter how long or short your relationship was, no one walks down the aisle with a hope it will all come to an end one day. Therefore, don’t skip the mourning phase; make sure you go through it as painful as it may be, and do it properly.

2. Cherish your alone time. Uncover who you are and appreciate some time by yourself while you’re single. Pick up old hobbies, read a good book, or reconnect with old friends if it helps you feel more like you.

3. Set some goals. You’ve just entered a whole new era in your life; set some goals! What would you like to achieve in the next month? The next 6 months? The next year? You can never aim too high, and even if you don’t end up achieving your goals, that is okay.

4. Step out of your comfort zone. Always wanted to go bungy jumping? Or take an art class? Or perhaps learn a new skill? Now is the perfect time. Not only will it offer you a distraction, it’s also a new activity to feel excited about.

5. Remember that divorce doesn’t define you. While the event itself and the emotions stirred up are life-changing, divorce by no means defines you as a person. There’s something amazing about showing how resilient you can be during times like these, and therefore being a strong role model for them.


One day you’ll back on this difficult period in your life and recognise it was for the best, and how the experience made you realise how strong you are. If you’re going through divorce at the moment, or know someone who is, hang in there – it really does get better.