Ask a little girl what theme she wants for her birthday party and you are often going to be greeted with “Princesses!” While not every little girl wants to have a princess-themed party, it does seem to be a pretty popular choice.

Whether going with Disney or sticking to a more generalised princess party, here are some ideas to ensure your little princess’ special day reigns supreme.

Crowning Colour Schemes and Decoration Delights

  • Most princess parties will stick to the pink and purple theme but other good colours to incorporate include silver, gold and even a light blue. Make sure you choose napkins, tablecloths, plates, cups, balloons, crèche paper and paper lanterns in your colours of choice.
  • Crowning centrepieces – place a tiara and wand in the centre of the table for the perfect centrepiece
  • Majestic Lolly Jars– baby food jars with pink and purple jelly beans topped with miniature tiaras
  • Add a princess themed bunting to the walls or food table
  • Give each guest their own tiara by gluing a paper crown to the front of a party hat and adding a small amount of clear fabric to the back

Royal Treats and Sovereign Sweets 

  • Princess popcorn – popcorn mixed with red food colouring (or red beet juice if you prefer not to use food colouring)
  • Pink and purple fruit wands – strawberries, pink marshmallows and grapes placed on a kabob stick and topped with a star-shaped slice of watermelon
  • Princess topper cupcakes
  • Waffle cone castles – waffle cones, flipped upside down, topped with princess-themed cake toppers and sitting on a bed of whipped cream
  • Pink lemonade with hundreds and thousands sprinkled around the edges
  • Crown shaped cake pops and sandwiches
  • Jam drops
  • Fairy bread – add a dash of red food colouring (or red beet juice) mixed with the butter to create a pink base.

Grandiose Games

  • Decorate your own crown
  • Musical thrones (musical chairs but with a royal twist)
  • Pin the tail on the frog (or pin the gem on the crown)
  • Jewellery hunt (a treasure hunt in the backyard but with plastic jewels or colourful ‘gems’ from the aquarium shop)
  • Princess bucket or royal ring toss



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