How To Host A Healthier Kids Party


If your little one has a birthday coming up, you might be starting to wonder what you can serve the kids to eat at the party without overdoing the junk food or sugar.

Here we share some ideas that will still put a smile on their faces, without having them running around on a sugar high all afternoon.

Fruit Skewers

healthy mummy 2

Thread cubed fruit pieces onto a skewer to make a colourful treat. Offer these first so that the kids fill up on goodness.

Natural Jelly Cups

Homemade jelly can be made with fruit, juice, gelatine and water. There’s no need to use the artificially coloured store-bought variety. Try making a few varieties to fit with the colour theme of your party.

Fairy Bread

fairy bread

Did you know that you can now buy natural sprinkles which aren’t full of colours and preservatives? Add these to some good quality high fibre white bread and the kids won’t know the difference. Why not let the kids cut the bread out using a cookie cutter and make their own?


Make your own or buy some pre-made popcorn to offer as a better alternative to potato chips.

Mini Pizzas

Set up a table of pre-chopped ingredients such as mushroom, cheese, salami, pineapple and capsicum and let the kids make their own personalised pizza that you can cook for them. Or for the smaller kids just offer a selection of pizzas for their lunch.

Ice Cream

You can easily make your own fun ice creams in moulds to serve at the party. It could be a combination like:

  • natural yoghurt mixed with raspberries and a little honey
  • freshly squeezed orange juice and sparkling water
  • coconut cream, lime juice and pureed mango

Fruit Punch

Instead of the usual green or red soft drinks or cordials, you could offer a healthier option such as punch made with real fruit juice.

Use sparkling water instead of lemonade, then add some real juice such as pineapple or mango juice.

Throw in some chopped strawberries and grapes for colourful decoration.

Party Bags

The traditional sugar-filled lolly bag at the end of the party can be the final straw for a kid who has over indulged at the party. Why not offer a sticker book or small toy instead?

Want More?

If you like the sound of these recipes and would love to find out even more ideas for getting the kids to eat well – check out the Healthy Kids Cookbook, from the Healthy Mummy, available from their shop.

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Want to find out more about the Healthy Mummy?

Or click here to find your local Healthy Mummy representative for the rest of Australia and New Zealand.

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