It is vitally important that you remain attentive to the needs of your children throughout the unpleasant process of separation. In some cases, you must go to great lengths to make sure they feel stable and secure in their home environment. These tips may help:

Validate Their Feelings
Children can undergo a great deal of emotional turmoil when their parents split up. In some cases they might not feel comfortable expressing these feelings. Remaining attentive to your kids means reassuring them and encouraging them to talk about their thoughts and feelings.

Reassure Them
For young children, their parents are their whole universe. So when the family unit begins to break down, it could leave them feeling lost and insecure. In your mind, your future may remain uncertain until the divorce is finalised, but reassuring your kids that everything will work out will help them feel more secure and confident about the separation.m6

Keep Them Out of the Fray
In the haze of legal paperwork and divorce lawyers it can be easy to lose sight of what is and what isn’t appropriate in front of your children. Keeping your kids away from any conflicts will make things far more pleasant for them. It will also prevent them from feeling dragged into the divorce as though they are somehow to blame.

Avoid Clinging to the Past
As family units, we naturally enter into rituals and habits such as eating certain meals, watching certain TV shows, or having a bedtime routine. Try establishing new routines and rituals and add in some fun and quirky activities to keep your kids entertained through the difficult period.