Head Lice – the Symptoms and the Cure

Dear Jana, what are the symptoms of head lice and how do I get rid of them?

The main symptom of lice is an itchy scalp. The best way to check for lice is by lathering the hair in conditioner and using a fine-tooth nit comb to go through each section of hair multiple times, wiping the comb on a tissue after each section and examining carefully. The conditioner makes it hard for the lice to move and traps them in the teeth of the comb. The conditioner also detangles hair, making combing easier.

When treating lice it is ideal to seek out a natural based solution. Calanna has a range of natural lice treatment and prevention products in store including our range of Mario’s head lice packages. Remember to follow up with a second treatment seven days later. Also be sure to wash hats, brushes, hair ties and pillow cases in hot water.



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