Do you suffer from Mother’s Guilt? Silly question, really. It’s probably safe to assume that at some point in time, if not quite often, you will have experienced the soul destroying edge of guilt associated with being a parent. In fact, 90 per cent of mothers feel guilty at some point, while 50 per cent are wracked by guilt most or ‘all of the time’ (NUK UK survey).

And is it any wonder given the judgement that comes your way? If you work as well as being a mum, you judge yourself and others judge you. If you stay at home with your kids, you judge yourself and others judge you. You are judged as being amazing for doing it all or as being a machine for the same reason.


I can’t flick a switch to remove your guilt, but I can share with you the Five Steps to Being SMART which will help you find and harness hours of lost time a month – time you can devote to doing the things you love, like hanging out with your kids.

Goodbye (to at least some of your) mother’s guilt!

The Five Steps to Being SMART

  1. Self-Aware: Your first step is to identify and understand your values (where do you want to spend your time) and your time management challenges (your key pain points). Knowing your values and challenges gives you a baseline.
  2. Map: Next step is to map a typical week to see where you spend your time. Once you know in detail where you spend your time, including all the routines and habits you undertake without thinking, you can identify exactly what behaviours you need to change.
  3. Analyse: Take your map and segment each task in to one of four time segments – your Musts (tasks you have to do); Wants (tasks you want to do); Delegates (tasks you can get someone else to do) and Rejects (tasks you can do smarter or not at all).
  4. Reframe: From your map and time segments identify exactly what you are going to start doing differently.
  5. Take Control: Establish an Action Plan to ensure you implement and then sustain your new time management habits.

Kate Christie is a time management expert, speaker and the author of Me Time: The Professional Womans Guide to finding 30 guilt-free hours a month. To purchase your signed copy of Me Time for only $20 plus postage and start your own journey to finding your lost time, go to and use coupon code TIME.