A Fun App for Educating Young Learners (Hip Hop Kangaroo and Friends)

Remote learning has spiked since COVID-19 isolation. And even though schools have reopened, you may be looking for great ways to assist your pre-school and early years school children with an extra kickstart to their education at home. There are a variety of apps and online ways for children to learn, but a special one that you should definitely check out is the Australian app Hip Hop Kangaroo and Friends.

The app is an interactive, entertaining way of providing quality education for young children. You can listen and watch the three friends Hip Hop Kangaroo, Poppy Platypus and Kula Koala as they sing, count and go exploring.

All of the content has been produced with the help of early years educators and teachers, making it a great way to engage your child in remote learning – whether it’s for homeschooling or just extra education at home. You can find iconic Australian places in the music videos, from Kangaroo Island to Adelaide Zoo! Included are professional subtitles in multiple languages, making it easy to learn English early.

One of the videos featuring Kula Koala in particularly has become a popular tool for teaching children the alphabet. The catchy song shows the right way to pronounce the letters of the English alphabet, the basis for the English language and something that every child has to learn. You can find it on the app or watch in on Hip Hop Kangaroo and Friend’s YouTube channel.

Also available on their website are the downloadable Classroom Activity Set and downloadable song lyrics. The activity set has colouring sheets, word matching activities and maze challenges, all for you to use for FREE! If you are guardian, teacher or parent looking for fun things to do with your kids, click here.

To get the app for $4.49 click here