Sitting back on a grand chair as you sip your perfectly brewed tea in the finest china tea cup while devouring a fluffy scone may be a normal day for the queen, but it’s just a mere daydream for the rest of us. But don’t throw away that old tea set you’ve kept packed away just yet, why not throw your own tea party full of delectable treats for you and your friends to share?

A Menu Fit for a Queen
Whether it be Mother’s Day, your child’s birthday party or just an afternoon get together, these delicious treats will have the whole family wanting more.

Fruity Cubes
These beautiful fruity ice cubes are the perfect idea for adding a little flavour to your water. Simply fill up your ice-cube tray and add chopped fruits to them before placing them into the freezer.

Berrylicious Punch
For those who aren’t a fan of tea or for those who just want to freshen their pallet, try making a delicious fruit punch. From fresh berries, to zesty lime, there are plenty of recipes available to match your desired taste.

Setting the scene
It’s not a High Tea without the lace dollies, decorative table cloths and detailed crockery, so dust off that tiered cake stand with the matching tea set and deck the table with these simple tips and tricks. And if you don’t have a tea set, check out your local op shop!

Doily Runner
If you don’t own a table runner, make a doily alternative instead. All you’ll need is a variety of doilies ranging in different size and a hot glue gun (or craft glue). Simply arrange the doilies in the formation you are happy with, making sure it reaches the length of your chosen table,
then glue the overlapping edges to create a decorative table runner.

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