Hear and See Your Child from Anywhere in the World

There are hundreds of things on a parent’s list to buy when they discover they’re pregnant and begin planning. Nappies, bottles, pram, crib, clothes, you name it. But it might be a good idea to try out a baby monitor, especially if you’re quite an anxious parent and you’re going to want the option to check in on your baby whenever you want. Offering peace of mind, knowing when your baby or child needs something and is safe. Either way, certain baby monitors are so helpful at making check-ins super easy and available from a distance.

The Owlet Cam

The Owlet Cam streams HD 1080P video of your baby to your smart phone over your secure WiFi connection. That means no more sleepless nights wondering how they’re doing, no more worrying when you’re not right there in the room with them 24/7. Although there are many types of baby cams out there that work well, the Owlet Cam lets you stream this crystal-clear video of your little loved one from anywhere in the world through the Owlet App. Yes, that means that even on vacation you can check in on how they’re doing! In fact, anyone who downloads the app and has the password can access the camera and check on the baby, such as your partner, the babysitter – whoever you trust! 

We know firsthand here at PakMag how daunting the experience of being a new parent can be. It’s hard leaving your baby or child alone for their first night or their first day with someone else. Even the most confident mums can tell you a moment or two they’ve had where they cannot stop thinking about their baby, who is at home with the babysitter, while they pop out for coffee with the girls for an hour. What if they need me? How do I know they’re safe? However, there’s no need to worry if you have a reliable baby monitor.

Plus, thanks to the night vision, there is nothing stopping from you from checking in on them at any time- day or night. The 130-degree wide angle lens provides plenty of visibility into the room or crib and the room temperature sensor lets you know just how comfortable they are in there.

(Remember to give yourself a break though, it shouldn’t be made difficult to let baby or child find independence as they grow. Try not to spend every single minute of the day watching them!). Parents are the multitasking heroes of the world. The Owlet Cam knows you’re probably busy more often than not, and the background audio feature lets you use your phone for other tasks while still being able to listen to your baby. How do you soothe your baby without leaving the room once you hear them cry, you may ask? Well, two-way audio lets you to speak, sing, and calm your baby from anywhere, so you don’t have to rush to and from locations or rooms to remind baby how much you love them.

Summary of Owlet Cam features that we love:

  • High definition 1080p video with ability to livestream anywhere via Owlet App
  • Encrypted, Secure WiFi
  • Night vision
  • Background audio
  • Two-way audio
  • 130-degree wide angle lens
  • Room temperature sensor
  • Adjusting magnetic base with secure mounting kit


You can find out more on the Owlet Care website

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