Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning! From costumes to food and decorations, there’s plenty of ways to get creative this Halloween. Whether you just plan on taking your child for a good old night of trick-or-treating or you’re hoping to throw a Halloween party, we’ve got plenty of ideas to make this Halloween the best (and spookiest) one yet.

Spooky Snacks

Sugary lollies aside, there are plenty of opportunities to get creative with your Halloween nibbles and even add a healthy twist (your child’s teeth will thank you). Using various Halloween themes such as black cats, pumpkins, bats, and skeletons, you can turn any regular meal into a spooky snack. Why not try making your own bat-shaped crackers with dip or constructing a skeleton out of veggies for a creative, yet healthy meal? If food art isn’t your strong suit, head over to your local craft store and you’re bound to find some Halloween-shaped cookie cutters to help spark your imagination and cut preparation time in half.

Creative Costumes

“What do you want to be for Halloween?” A question that can be met with something quick and simple or something that’ll require a bit of creative thinking and crafty efforts from mum or dad. Whether you plan on breaking out the sewing machine and glue gun or constructing a spooky outfit from face paint and store-bought items, creating a daring costume doesn’t have to be difficult. Something as simple as a pair of elegant floral bunny ears, magical star-shaped wands or a homemade superhero cape can make for an adorable yet effective Halloween costume for your little one.

Daring Decorations

If you’re expecting a visit from many eager trick-or-treaters, decorating your house is a must! Why not put a creative spin on some traditional Halloween decorations this year? Get the kids involved and turn it into a fun activity by letting them paint pumpkins, create bedsheet-ghosts, and dangle toy spiders from various fixtures around the house and yard using fishing wire. If you plan on hosting a party, don’t forget to take your daring decorations indoors as well. It’s all part of the fun, and will have your guests saying “wow!”

Whether you’re planning a Halloween celebration with friends and family or you’re looking for a creative twist on your spooky porch decoration in anticipation of the trick-or-treaters, we’ve got your back with a range of creative Halloween ideas. This Halloween, don’t forget to be safe, have fun, and eat healthy afterwards. Boo!

Feature image courtesy of Sainsbury’s.