Gross motor play is important for your child as gross motor skills help us to perform everyday activities such as standing, walking, running and sitting at a table. Gross motor skills also include ball skills (throwing, catching and kicking).

Gross motor play helps our little ones to develop strength and coordination, body awareness and motor planning (how to move effectively). Games that can help improve gross motor skills are:

•• Trampoline play and hopscotch.
•• Riding a bike or scooter.
•• Throwing and catching; start with large balls or balloons and gradually get smaller.
•• Balancing on one leg; standing with one foot, start with holding onto something and gradually make it harder. Try balancing on one leg whilst brushing teeth or learning sight words!
•• Completing obstacle courses.
•• Children’s playground where they are climbing, swinging and sliding.
•• Swimming.
•• General sports activities including soccer, tee ball, cricket, golf and basketball.

These are also great activities for wearing active little bodies out by the end of the day! And remember, in play, follow your child’s lead.

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