We feature giveways in PakMag every month and on our social media platforms almost daily. If you have a prize you would like to provide for one of these giveaways, please fill in the below form. Please note that we receive hundreds of giveaway submissions and will contact you once your application has been reviewed.

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Supply of prizes:(Here are the options for the supply of prizes according to our preference)

Ship the goods to our Cairns head office and we will distribute to the winnerAllow us to give you the prize winners name and details at the end of the competition and you can post the prize directly to the winnerPlease supply vouchers to the value of space to admin@pakmag.com.au if you are unable to email vouchers, you can post them


The Editor and/or Publisher will use this information at their discretion to allocate the prize/giveaway for an edition of PakMag or via digital media.