Get Sorted! Storage Ideas for Kids Rooms

Get Sorted! Storage Ideas for Kids Rooms

Start with shelves

Bookshelves or the popular cubed box-type shelves are ideal to keep bedrooms tidy. Items can be placed directly on the shelves or, for a cleaner and tidier look, you can use matching baskets or coloured buckets on the shelves to keep toys in.

Storing Toys
Baskets come in all colours these days so it is easy to colour co-ordinate baskets for your child’s room. You can also spray-paint metal buckets (bought from a hardware store) in a colour you like and add labels to the front so your child knows what is inside. For littlies who can’t read yet, take a photo of what is inside and stick it on the front.

For those who like the more vintage look, other great storage ideas include using old suitcases, old fashioned wagons or prams, wire pot plant cages screwed to the wall, wooden or wire birdcages to store soft toys or a set of old school lockers in original condition or painted in bright colours.

Storing Books
There are so many different ways to display your child’s book collection books besides bookshelves. Even an old doll’s house can be used as bookshelves, or an open suitcase, old pram or wagon with books standing up and spines facing out. And why not create a little reading nook with a bookstand and a little reading chair, beanbag or a pile of big comfy cushions.

Storing Art Supplies and Nick Nacks
Smaller toys and art supplies can be stored in hanging plastic pockets, cane baskets, labelled jars and tins. Tins can be mounted and glued onto an mdf backing board and stuck on the wall or covered in pretty scrapbooking paper and labelled for pens, pencils, textas or paintbrushes. Glass jars can be jazzed up by painting lids with bright colours and printing matching labels.


Kid’s Artwork
Kids generate so much colourful artwork that you may as well use them for decoration. They look great mounted in cheap frames. Another option is to create an art board on their bedroom wall with a large piece of mdf painted in a block colour so you can regularly change the artwork on display. Alternatively you can hang string along one wall in the bedroom and hang artwork from pegs. It’s also a great idea in kids bedrooms to paint an area with blackboard paint so the kids can draw to their hearts content.