Get Nostalgic and Teach Your Kids the Dance Moves You Grew up With

Dancing is an easy, energising way to combat boredom and give everyone a laugh while we are home during isolation. Slide into the past by teaching your kids some of the best moves from when you were younger. Refresh your own memory and see how well they can do tackling some of our old school favourites! Here are a few dances to give a go and let you and the kids experience a blast from the past. You can also get lost in Google and find some more once you’ve mastered or remastered these:

1. The Macarena – Los Del Rio (Bayside Boys Remix)

Macarena is a Spanish Dance song that became a one hit wonder in the 90’s after it was remixed by Bayside Boys, who added the English verses. It became a popular dance craze appearing on every Wedding and School Dancefloor. Follow the tutorial here and get your kids try those famous moves.

2. The Loco-motion – Kylie Minogue

1987 saw Kylie Minogue release her debut single “The Loco-motion” – a remake of a song from the 1960’s that had her doing the dance to the catchy tune in her music video. The song was a big success in Australia, remaining in the no.1 spot for weeks. The dance will get your hips swinging and your family laughing. Revisit the video here and give the dance a try. 

3. 5,6,7,8 – Steps

Let’s head to the late 90’s and remember Steps’ song ‘5,6,7,8’.  A staple at every Disco, the song is ingrained in our memory… the steps themselves… well they are a little hazy.  Rewatch the music video here and master those moves once again.  

4. YMCA – Village People

The YMCA song and dance has stood the test of time since it was released in the 70’s. It’s still well known and loved and will continue to be so- so make sure you get the kids on top of the dance moves, because they are going to need them throughout their life.  Watch it here to get everyone singing and dancing along.

5. Nutbush – Ike and Tina Turner

Tina Turner was a favourite artist of so many people back in the day. The Nutbush is a line dance done to her song ‘Nutbush City Limits”, which soared in popularity in Australia throughout the 80’s. The dance isn’t actually all too similar to the one you might see in the videos of Tina Turner performing, yet somehow became an Australian phenomenon, with the dance being taught at schools and known by so many. Check out this video for instructions on how to get your feet moving to the song like they once did!