Get a Financial Health Check Before Money Becomes a Problem

Get a Financial Health Check Before Money Becomes a Problem

Hands up if you’ve ever joined a gym, signed a 12-month contract, gone religiously for two or three months and then suddenly, life gets in the way. You lose motivation but are still stuck paying up to $20.00 per week until your contract runs out. This is just one of the many decisions we make about how and where to spend our money that contributes to why we never seem to have any.



But is it our fault we don’t know how to spend our money more wisely? What if you could be shown a better way to manage your money so that at each life stage you made better decisions that helped grow your wealth and not just dig you deeper into debt?


Our money habits are formed early in life, often modelled after our parents and are the subconscious reasons why we spend the way we do. Many money decisions, particularly large purchases, including buying a home or car, having a family or changing jobs are all ‘emotional’ decisions. However, financial decisions made when emotional, often lead to poor financial outcomes. By being your voice of reason, a financial adviser will help you achieve clarity where emotions may be clouding your better judgement.


It is a common misconception that you need to have a lot of money to seek professional financial advice when in reality, the exact opposite is true. It is largely people who do not have money that can benefit most from seeking professional advice.


Creating wealth and a comfortable lifestyle without drowning in debt requires setting clear goals and objectives and then knowing how to stick to them. In today’s health craze, we happily spend up to $100.00 per week for a health coach, so why not invest in a wealth coach?


But a plan to create wealth is pointless if your ability to earn an income suddenly stopped. The flipside to wealth creation is wealth protection. If you suddenly couldn’t work due to injury or illness, who would pay your bills? If the main income earner suddenly became ill or worse, passed away, would those left behind be financially sound?


We don’t think twice about the need to insure our home, cars, boats and these days even our pets. But what thought have you given to insuring your family’s financial future? The average car insurance claim is approximately $2,900. However, the average income protection
claim is $20,684.


At Sempre Financial we are passionate about educating you on all things financial. In recent years, we have seen an increase in people seeking out our services when their family situation changes, in particular, when starting a family or during a relationship breakdown. Our holistic approach to your family’s financial situation will ensure that any decisions made are for the benefit of everyone in your family and do not impact your ability to experience a life you enjoy.


What are you waiting for? Contact us today and mention PakMag for a FREE Financial Health Check.



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