Four Homemade Gifts For Father’s Day That Your Dad Will Love

Here are four great homemade gifts that you can craft for your dad. We promise they’ll help make this Father’s Day extra special! They aren’t too difficult and don’t require many materials – perfect for loving yet manageable gifts. 

Egg Carton Portrait of Dad

What You Need

Egg Cartons


Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Paint (optional) and paintbrush


Use the scissors, or a craft knife if you have supervision, to cut the shape of your dad’s head out of an egg carton. It can be round, rectangle, square, oval, whatever you decide is best! Try and use a picture of dad’s face to get the shape as close as possible to his real head.

Use the rest of the egg carton to cut out the eyes, nose, eyebrows and mouth for the face – use the picture above for reference. 

Then use the hot glue gun, or craft/PVA glue if you have it, to stick each part of the face onto the ‘head’.

If you want to, you can use paint to colour in the head and face. Or just paint the hair on and the eye colour. Your dad will love it. 

Paper Shirt with Pasta Bow Tie

What You Need

Rectangular piece of coloured or patterned paper

Pasta bows (farfalle pasta)

Acrylic paint for the bow ties

Hot glue gun 


Paint the piece or multiple pieces of bowtie pasta with a layer of paint. Once the base layer is dry, add a pattern on top such as stripes or polka dots, in a different colour of paint.

Take the piece of paper and follow the directions below to create a mini shirt. With parental help, use the hot glue gun to stick the bowtie onto the shirt.

Pillow for Papa

What You Need

White pillow case

Fabric markers

Piece of cardboard roughly the same size as pillow case


Practice drawing or writing your message on paper while working out exactly what you want it to be. Before using the fabric markers, use a pencil to sketch the message out on the pillow case, particularly if it includes a picture that’s harder to draw.

Slide the cardboard into the pillow case so that it provides a harder surface to work on and holds the case open, like it would be with a pillow inside. This also prevents the markers from leaking through to the other side.

Now you can create your masterpiece! You could also write a different message on the other side.

Once complete, remove the cardboard and replace it with the pillow.

Handprint Gardening Gloves

What You Need

Thin, small rubber gloves

Gardening gloves

Fabric paint

Black fabric marker


Put a large blob of fabric paint onto a hard surface that can be washed or thrown out, like a painting palette.

Put on a rubber glove and stick your hand into the paint, making sure to cover all of your fingers and the palm. Now stick your hand onto the gardening glove, pressing it down for a few seconds.

Lastly, write your name on the gardening glove too, especially if you only did one glove and a sibling did the other.


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