Flower power – floral newborn shoot is a bouquet of adorableness

Flower power – floral newborn shoot is a bouquet of adorableness

Showcasing just how much your baby changes (and how quickly) during the first year is a rite of passage for all parents. Many parents will take a monthly photo to demonstrate the changes each month. But what happens when you combine these milestone photo shoots with bouquet of flowers?

floral baby 5

You get a floral themed newborn shoot that is too sweet not to share.


DIY Craft Projects recently showcased a series of photos that highlight bub’s growth each month with matching flowers.

floral baby

Starting at zero months, bub blossoms into an absolute beauty through the series.

floral baby 2

With each image you see subtle changes which are further emphasised by the flower arrangement of each month bub is turning.

floral baby 3

Staging your own floral shoot doesn’t take a lot. All you really need is a flower arrangement, a white background and a very cooperative and smiley baby. You may want to also choose a similar outfit for each shoot to further highlight the changes.

floral baby 4

You can check out all the images in the series at DIY Craft Projects. 

floral baby 6

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