Find Your Flooring

Find Your Flooring

Looking into new floors for your home? We’ve got it covered. Check out some of the most popular flooring options and compare prices, pros, cons and more!

• Cost – Around $20 for supply or $35 installed per square metre
• Why it could work – Vinyl is ideal for living areas, kitchens and bathrooms as it is water resistant and inexpensive. Vinyl gives comfort under foot as it is cushioned
• Things to consider – While the price is right, many people admit that vinyl has an artificial look and feel to it. When first placed, vinyl can be quiet soft and can tear when not careful.
blue marble vinyl texture

• Cost – Around $38 for supply and $66 installed per square metre
• Why it could work – Vinyl Planking is extremely hard wearing as seen in many cafes, haridressers and other commercial areas that see a lot of traffic. Sold in either tile or plank form, it is designed to imitate real timber (but a lot cheaper). It is water resistant and easy to install, remove, replace and maintain.
• Things to consider – Vinyl Planking is a great DIY product giving a more realistic looking timber floor; however it is more expensive than cushion vinyl (above).
Dark Wood Image

• Cost – $45 for supply and $80 laid per square metre
• Why it could work – Bamboo is another wood alternative best for areas that are moist and humid. It is extremely durable and a renewable material source
• Things to consider – Bamboo is a lot thinner than solid wood and doesn’t have the thermal benefits of timber.
Bamboo Image

• Cost – starting at $20 to supply and $38 to lay per square metre (including a new underlay)
• Carpet is designed for dry areas of the home (bedrooms, living rooms). Typically made out of synthetic (nylon, polyester and polypropylene) or natural materials (wool), carpet comes in many different patterns, colours and styles
• Things to consider – carpet is soft, fuzzy and welcoming. It is a cheaper flooring option; however, it is also best left to professionals to install as can be tricky to lay yourself.

• Cost – starting at $25 per metre square to supply, and $80 installed to lay per square metre
• Why it could work – Tiles are certainly one of the easiest flooring options to clean and keep sanitary. They look great in every room of the house, from the bathrooms to the bedrooms. Tiles come in a number of designs, styles and sizes and are extremely durable.
• Things to consider – Tiles are most difficult and expensive to replace if a tile is chipped. Tiles are not the most comfortable to lay on and thus having an area rug is usually required in living areas.