Festive Frocks and Party Smocks

Festive Frocks and Party Smocks

There are so many celebrations at this time of year. Christmas parties, BBQs, weddings, the races – the list can seem endless! Knowing how to dress for the occasion is key. With creative dress codes such as “dress to party”, “beach chic “or “tropical cocktail” what to wear can be confusing. If you have an event coming up and you’re not sure of the appropriate attire take these three things into consideration:



The venue plays a vital role in deciding your outfit. Is it in a hotel, at the beach or at a park? There’s nothing worse than feeling overdressed in a sparkly gown at a backyard BBQ, especially if everyone else is in jeans! Ask your friends or co-workers what they are wearing. This can make you feel more at ease about your fashion choice.


Weather and temperature

Will it be rainy, windy, or sunny? Dressing to suit the weather will ensure you are comfortable in your clothes. If you are attending an inside event the air-conditioning can be quite cool so pack a scarf or jacket. If it’s in the outdoors take protection! For example, if it’s warm and sunny don’t forget your sunscreen. If there’s a possibility of rain, ensure you have a stylish umbrella on hand.



Is it morning, noon or night? Timing helps to determine your footwear and accessories. For morning and lunch events a pair of ballet flats or sandals may be appropriate. Heels and sparkly jewellery are the perfect addition for night time functions.