Finding out you’re pregnant, whether it’s for the first or the fifth time, is a very exciting moment in any couple’s life. But once the initial excitement has subsided, the realisation that the next nine months will be jam-packed with preparation for baby’s arrival can be very daunting indeed.

Knowing your options can help you feel more at ease as you face this new chapter of your family’s life. So, if you’re a parent-to-be or a new parent, PakMag is here to help with our A to Z guide of all things fertility to first birthday!

I’m pregnant, now what?

One of the first things to consider is your healthcare and birthing options, and a big consideration when it comes to this is whether you want to go public or private.

If you go via the public system, your first step is to visit your GP, who will guide you through your pregnancy, including referring you for scans and tests. In Cairns, you will have the option of giving birth in the Cairns Hospital or at home with a midwife present (ask your GP about this option as it’s not available for everyone).

The private system will allow you to choose your own obstetrician who will look after you throughout your pregnancy and during your labour. Dr Elizabeth Jackson is an excellent choice. She is experienced in looking after both routine and complicated deliveries. Her rooms are located conveniently in Cairns City and you can find out all about the care she and her team offer at www.drelizabethjackson.com. She can even help with fertility. Make sure you check out our “Experts” section in PakMag and online for monthly Q&As with Dr Liz as she explains some hot women’s health topics.

Another great Cairns based obstetrician is Dr Pheobe Hong. Her new rooms opposite Cairns Central are beautiful and she offers a range of services including pre-pregnancy care, pregnancy screening and multiple pregnancy care. Visit www.drphoebehong.com.au for more information on the services that Dr. Pheobe offers, FAQs and more information.

Both of these obstetricians deliver at the Cairns Private Hospital (unless otherwise arranged) which is a great option if you’re looking for a more private way to bring your baby into the world. Not only do you have access to a range of experienced professionals, but you also receive comfortable accommodation, a sofa bed for your partner to spend the night, and even a candlelight dinner! Check out www.cairnsprivate.com.au for more information.

There are also other professionals that you may want to consider too, including doulas and hypnobirthing.

What else should I prepare?

Between painting the nursery, buying the pram and maternity wear shopping, the list of what you need to prepare before baby arrives can feel endless. Breaking this down into three categories can make it feel more manageable: home, baby, self.


Make sure you prepare your home for baby’s arrival. This, of course, includes preparing your baby’s room and baby proofing but you should also consider purchasing things that will make your life with a new born a little easier. A comfy feeding chair, a state of the art baby monitor, a night time baby ‘shusher’ and baby food maker. Harvey Norman Cairns has some fantastic deals on baby products, so hop in store today and grab a baby bargain or shop online at www.harveynorman.com.au

You can also hire baby equipment which is great if you’re holidaying or you don’t want to splurge on buying your own. With hire periods of up to 6 months, companies such as Hire for Baby offer a range of products such as capsules, breast pumps and cots and for PakMag readers, there’s 5 per cent off! Simply visit www.hireforbaby.com and enter the code PAKMAG for your discount. Plus, if you hire a Medela Symphony breast pump and decide to buy one, you’ll receive 30 per cent off!


In terms of what you need to buy for baby, our advice is to not go overboard and buy months’ worth of clothing; you don’t know how big or small your baby will be, how fast they’ll grow, or how much stuff you’ll be given by friends and family.

Make sure you also have items to wash and change baby too, but just like the clothes, don’t buy too many nappies before you know if your baby will fit into them!


With a bundle of joy growing inside you, it can sometimes be easy to focus all of your attention on making sure baby is ok and well-prepared for. This is even more the case when baby arrives. Looking after your little one takes precedence and thinking about your own needs is the furthest thing from you mind.

Repeat after me, “I will look after myself”!

First and foremost, look after your body. Exercise such as Pilates is brilliant for pregnancy. Studio Edge Pilates offers reformer classes, floor classes and pregnancy classes which are great to keep fit during your pregnancy and to get back in shape after birth. Their fantastic introductory offer for all new clients means you’ll get five classes for just $60.00 (t&cs apply). Contact them today on 0416 087 822 or visit www.pilatescairns.net.au

Studio Pilates has a beautiful studio on Lake Street and has a handy app which means you can check availability and book classes easily. Their introductory offer of six classes for $60.00 means you’ll be able to experience reformer classes at a reduced cost. Visit www.studiopilates.com/cairns or call them on 4041 4140.

Sportsworld is a great option for mums-to-be and new mums. Classes such as yoga and body balance are wonderful as a low impact option for keeping active during pregnancy, as well as the facilities such as the pool, ladies only gym and personal trainers who can tailor fitness programs to you. The childminding service also means that you can do your work out knowing that bub is looked after. Check them out at www.sportsworldcairns.com or visit them at 268 Gatton Street.

PhyxMe Physiotherapy is another superb Cairns based service which can help you pre and post pregnancy, with prenatal yoga and massage, post-natal Pilates, pre/post-natal physio and even paediactric physio. Check out www.phyxme.com.au for more details. Physiotherapy can do wonders for your body both during and after pregnancy. Proactive Physiotherapy offer services to help women at this stage of their lives, including dealing with antenatal and postnatal conditions, pre/post surgery, pelvic floor and abdominal weakness, prolapse and more. Proactive Physio pride themselves on offering confidential and private assessments. Visit www.proactivepysio.com.au to see how they can help.

And finally, don’t forget some retail therapy for yourself! Investing in a maternity dress or two can not only make you feel like you have something comfy to throw on, but it can also give you some self-confidence that you may be lacking. Queen Bee have offered PakMag readers a 5 per cent discount on maternity wear, so head to www.queenbee.com.au and use code PM18.

Baby is here!

So, your baby has arrived, now what? Well, aside from the day in, day out routine of feeding, changing and sleeping, there are some other things that you could consider at this point.

If your baby isn’t sleeping well, services such as a sleep consultant may be the key to a peaceful night’s sleep. Joanna from SleepyTime Baby Sleep consultant will give you the skills, tips and hints to get your baby (and you!) sleeping well. Visit her facebook page, Sleepy Time Baby Sleep Consultant, for more details or call her on 0451 004 690.

Entertaining baby can be something that leaves us scratching our heads, but there are some great options in Cairns to help you out. Kindermusik offers baby music classes from birth and will give you and baby a fun experience which will also assist with you child’s brain development too. Visit www.kmusikcairns.com and see what a class with Nicole can do for you and your little one.

Why not opt for some physical development time at Inflatable Kingdom Cairns? This great indoor play area offers an area for little ones and at $9 for a 2.5 hour session (for under 5s), it’s an affordable way to spend some time in between naps! Visit them at 164 Mayers Street, Manunda.

For some free fun, Cairns Libraries offers a range of classes including Baby Rhyme Time and First5Forever to entertain and engage your little one in an environment aimed at developing your child’s pre-literacy and social skills. Check out www.cairns.qld.gov.au/library for more details.

So, congratulations on your bundle of joy and good luck! There is obviously much more to learn about what to expect and what to do but we hope this little guide to what’s available in your area has steered you in the right direction!


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