Families Who Play Together Stay Together!

Families Who Play Together Stay Together!

Think about the above statement, when growing up and now with your own family, you will find it hard to argue against it. The family unit delivers into our society tomorrows generation, and the success of our next generation relies on their health and well-being, both physically and mentally.

As a parent and an exercise professional, I have read many testimonials, studies and reports. I have experienced 25 years of teams, groups and individual’s health and fitness needs, highs and lows, goals and outcomes. I can personally vouch that families play a pivotal role in an individual’s future success.

Set a good example.

As a parent, your children learn from you, your actions, your words, your mannerisms and even your opinions. They may not admit it, and they may even deny it, but they do. Don’t ask your kids to get off the couch when that’s what you are doing yourself.

The benefits of exercise are irrefutable, and the prevention of obesity is, in my mind, the single biggest benefit for your child. Obesity can cause problems like depression, anxiety, a lack of self-confidence and a range of health issues. In most cases, all of this is preventable, and it all starts at home.

At Sportsworld, I am offering the opportunity for families to be active together with the following activity options, and at a price that is very affordable.

Learn to Swim – It is essential that our children can firstly survive in the water and then learn to swim and enjoy the water.

25-meter Pool, Sauna and Spa – Swim laps or join in on an Aqua Aerobic class.

Squash Courts – Join our junior clinics, get coaching, or compete in one of our many club competitions (all levels) or perhaps just have a social hit amongst friends and family.

Group Fitness Classes – An extensive array of enthusiastic instructors deliver classes to suit all levels of fitness.

Gym – We have everything from treadmills, bikes and rowers to cable weight machines and Olympic free weights. Weight training is recommended for every age, male or female. The key is knowing how much, how often and how to do it correctly.

Childminding – Drop the toddlers off to our childminders and have some free time in the gym to yourself. Recharge your mind and invigorate your body with a workout of your choice.

Ladies Only Gym – For the girls who like the convenience and privacy of their own studio.

I am passionate about sport and exercise and believe we should all be involved. The earlier we start, the more chance it will become habitual.