What better place for young children to master their emerging physical skills than the great outdoors? Especially in a place like Queensland, which offers a unique and wondrous environment for children to play and explore and to connect with nature.

It is in the outdoors that children can fully and freely fine-tune their gross motor skills; they can run, leap, jump, skip, roll, hop and do other physical activities which indoor play doesn’t allow because of space or other restrictions (such as making a mess!).

Children are naturally drawn to physically-active play outdoors. It is fun and exciting, but more importantly, it provides a great form of exercise that promotes wellbeing as well as physical development.

How children benefit from outdoor play

  • Climbing, running and other physical activities help to develop motor skills, balance and concentration.
  • Outdoor play increases children’s flexibility and develops muscle strength.
  • It promotes social and emotional development – children are more likely to invent games and express themselves as they learn about the world they live in (in their own way).
  • Exercise is proven to help improve children’s emotional health, allowing for calmness and a heightened sense of wellbeing

Outdoor activity ideas for parents

  • Nature walk
  • Obstacle course
  • A ‘listening walk’ (sensory experience)
  • Parachute games using an old sheet (you’ll need lots of space for this!)
  • Chasing bubbles
  • Water painting (paint the side of a house or a tree using a bucket of water and a large paint brush)
  • Having fun with sustainability – composting, gardening, worm farms
  • Looking for shapes in the clouds
  • Water play (mathematical concepts and sensory experience)

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