Ask any parent – bedtime can be a struggle! A new study from Netflix reveals some of the best excuses and tactics that little ones use to stay up just a little bit longer. And they are truly hilarious! Do your kids try and pull any of these stunts?

According to the survey, which included 7,277 parents with a child ages two to 10 in the US, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Brazil, or Mexico, 61 percent of parents who are in charge of getting their children tucked in at night are dealing with their kids’ creative stall tactics at bedtime.

All of that lollygagging adds up to parents spending nearly 20 minutes every single night negotiating with kids to get them into bed.

So what are some of the most popular stall tactics?

  • The “just 5 more minutes” negotiator (42 per cent)
  • The “super starved or sooo thirsty” routine (41 per cent)
  • The flattery “I love you mum/dad!” (33 per cent)
  • The slow as snails (31 per cent)
  • The tricksters (18 per cent)
  • The forever forgetful “I don’t know how to put on pajamas!” (15 per cent)
  • The standing naked in protest (5 per cent)

How many have your kids tried?

Turns out, Aussie parents come out on top when it comes to bedtime antics as Australian mums and dads are among those most likely to say they never make compromises to get their child into bed (clearly I was not interviewed for this study!).

Children in the UK and US proved to bring the biggest bedtime bargaining to the battleground and most parents admit to using bribes to get their kids into bed.

Netflix have made some adorable images based on the excuses children make for staying up a little longer as part of their launch for new show Dinotrux.

Some of our favourites have to be:

  • “My brain is playing tricks on me.”
  • “My hair hurts.”
  • “You didn’t kiss my other cheek and now it’s sad.”
  • “I hate the inside of my eyelids.”
  • “How does electricity work?”
  • “How do I say XX in German?”
  • “My throat is lonely so it needs another glass of water.”
  • “A stuffed animal is lost in the house and I can hear it crying.”
  • “Wait, I have to put my pet rock to bed first.”

But, regardless of how long it takes and how many excuses the kids make, 87 per cent of parents agree that the last snuggle once their child is quietly tucked into bed is one of the most special parts of their day.

Tucking them in is magic, it’s just getting there that’s the hard part.

The study is part of their universal launch for their #fivemoreminutes campaign for Dinotrux ‘5 Minute Favourites’, a new show that offers your kids an extra five minutes of TV (in exchange for the guarantee of bedtime right after).

We have Netflix and I will admit that my kids both love Dinotrux, but we’re still working on that guarantee.