Dress Up Your Dresser with Decoupage

Do you have a piece of furniture that’s looking tired but you just don’t have the money to replace it? We have the answer, decoupage!
This awesome technique will transform your once frowned upon furniture into a masterpiece, that you’ll be proud to show off.

What you’ll need:
•• Wallpaper or a laser printed image of your choice
•• Adhesive wallpaper paste or Mod Podge, depending on the chosen paper being used
•• Decoupage Finish
•• Scissors or craft knife
•• Small paint tray
•• Paint brushes

Optional extras:
•• Sanding sponge
•• Plastic squeegee (for flattening down paper)
•• Varnish

How to:
•• Prepare the furniture by sanding/filling any uneven bumps, as your chosen furniture piece needs to be completely smooth before starting.
•• Measure with a ruler the section you wish to cover and cut the paper carefully to match this area.
•• Once you have all your pieces cut out, fill a small paint tray with adhesive and apply a thin layer to both the surface of the furniture and the back of the paper. Keep in mind that adhesive dries quickly, so apply the paper immediately.
•• Position the paper from the centre out and remove any bubbles with your fingers or with a plastic squeegee. If your paper is larger than expected, wait until it is completely dry before cutting away excess with a craft knife.

Handy hint: Keep some old towels on hand as this step can get messy.
•• Repeat above steps for each section you wish to cover.
•• Apply a layer of Mod Podge over each section to ensure proper adhesion.

Once completely dry, add 2-3 layers of Decoupage Finish. This provides a nice smooth finish as well as protection for your chosen furniture piece.

Create the product in Image 3 by following the steps below:
•• Cut out your chosen images and arrange onto the furniture’s surface in your desired layout before starting.
•• Apply Decoupage Finish and varnish to the face of the picture. Once coated, flip the image over and arrange into position onto the furniture’s surface.
•• Once dry, using damp fingers, rub away paper to reveal your images.
•• Lastly, apply another layer of decoupage finish to protect the images and create a smooth finish.

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