DIY FATHER'S DAY GIFTS||Rock Cactus - Salt and Pepper Moms|Hand Stamped Hanky|DIY Bamboo Wrapping Paper

Stuck on gift ideas this Father’s Day? When in doubt, something handmade always goes a long way. We’ve got you covered with adorable crafts dad is sure to cherish for years to come.

Hand Stamped HankyHand Stamped Hanky

This DIY handkerchief for dad is both practical and creative!

What you’ll need:
•• Self-adhesive foam sheet for the stamp
•• A cork or bottle cap to stick your stamp on
•• A piece of felt and a plastic lid, as your stamp pad
•• Fabric paint (this will be the colour of your stamp)
•• A plain handkerchief

How to:
1. Cut out your design from the self-adhesive foam sheet, peel off the paper back of the foam symbol and stick on top of your stamping device (cork or bottle top).
2. Using the plastic lid, place a large paint drop onto the lid. Place a piece of felt over the paint drop to create your stamp pad.
3. Using your stamp continuously stamp the felt until the paints starts to bleed through. Start stamping! Get creative and create different patterns and designs as you go.

Rock Cactus - Salt and Pepper Moms

Rock Cactus

These rock cacti are the perfect gift for Father’s Day as they are simple to create, so even the littlest ones can join in.

What you’ll need:
•• Mini pots
•• Lucky rocks
•• Craft paint
•• Paint brushes

How to:
1. Once you’ve found your desired rocks, clean them to ensure no dirt is left on them before painting.
2. Paint each of your pots and leave to dry.
3. Paint each rock a different shade of green, making sure to add little details to make them resemble cacti. Once the paint has dried, arrange the cactus rocks in the pots.

DIY Bamboo Wrapping PaperDIY Bamboo Wrapping Paper

Jazz up your Father’s Day gifts with this creative wrapping paper.

What you’ll need:
•• White butcher’s paper
•• Your desired leaf
•• Black paint
•• Flat tray

How to:
1. In the flat tray, mix the paint with some water, so it has a runny consistency.
2. Place the leaf into the paint, using your finger to tap down the leaf ensuring it is fully covered by the paint.
3. Carefully stamp the leaf onto the paper. Repeat steps to create a unique wrapping paper design.

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