Dinosaurs may have populated the world billions of years ago, but their spirit continues to live through the curiosity of our children. If your little ones love dinosaurs, then why not set up a dinosaur garden in your backyard?

You will need:

  • An area in the garden that is cleared (and preferably won’t get damaged due to wind and rain) or a large empty planter.
  • Toy dinosaurs *you can pick these up at any toy store, BigW or Kmart*
  • Various plants and greenery. Dinosaurs need something to eat, after all!
  • Sand or dirt to add to the bottom of the planter or garden bed.
  • Rocks of different sizes.
  • Additional accessories such as a pretend pond for the dinosaurs to drink from or a nest complete with a few toy dinosaur eggs.
  • A homemade sign to hang above the planter or garden area.

The great thing about a dinosaur garden is that it is not only a great DIY project that the kids can do with you, but it also provides hours of imaginative play after the garden has been designed.

In addition to fairy gardens (see page _) and dinosaur gardens, there are plenty of pretend play areas that can be set up in your own backyard. Set up a Neverland, complete with pirate ships (you can easily find these at any aquarium store or pet store), wooden miniature tree houses and pirate figurines. Or how about a dirt track for your child’s miniature cars, motorbikes and other transportation toys?

If you have the garden space and with the help of your child’s imagination (okay, and Pinterest too), the possibilities are endless.