Dining up your Outdoor Area

There is nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal with family and friends on a beautiful evening. And, best of all, you don’t have to drive home afterwards!

So how can you maximise this space and create an outdoor oasis? Try these tips:

Set up a toy specific area

Preferably hidden around the corner from your main outdoor dining area. Nothing clutters up your outdoor area quite like push bikes, ride-ons, sports equipment and dirty toys that the kids should have put away. Invest in a large outdoor wooden toy box to keep all of these items or choose an area reserved for toys.

Add some floral and fauna

Nothing brightens up the dining area quite like hanging baskets and planters. You can also find some beautiful outdoor wall art and canvasses that can add a splash of colour to your walls.

Seek shade

Living in Australia has so many perks and the sun is definitely one of them. But it’s always a good idea to have a shaded area for dining and playing. If you don’t have a patio with a roof, then consider a sun shade or a gazebo to create a beautiful outdoor dining atmosphere that is sun-safe.

Shed some light on the area

You will probably have enough natural light from the sun during the day but once night falls, it’s time to get creative. Pendant lamps are great for outdoors as are tiki torches or overhead lighting. You can also add a bit of fun to the backyard with fairy lights draped around the trees or hanging from the ceiling. And make sure you also have a few gorgeous candles on the table.

Become the Master of cookery

Every outdoor dining area needs a BBQ. It’s pretty much required. In addition to a BBQ, you may also want to consider a bar, a pizza oven or even a full outdoor kitchenette which includes a sink for cleaning up after dinner.

Prepare for heat

One final thing that your outdoor dining area needs is a fan. Because it will get hot! If your outdoor area doesn’t already have ceiling fans installed, you can purchase stand-alone ones to add to the corners and ensure better air flow during those extra humid summer days.