Delicate Danmalas

Although it may be winter, you can still brighten your day with beautiful flower inspired Danmalas. Kathy Klein, an artist of love, animals and people creates beautiful danmalas. Danmala, which translates to ‘the giving of flower circles’, is a meditating process which takes place with the inner connection of nature and you.

These creative artworks of nature’s natural beauty are arranged in numerous spots around Klein’s home town of Arizona. Her process consists of gathering natural materials from around her local environment, including; leaves, flowers, nuts, rocks and fruit. When collected Klein arranges each piece delicately as she connects with nature in a form of meditating.

Once created and photographed, the art piece is left to then be found and enjoyed by its new founder and to take on the natural decay process nature offers. Klein began to create Danmalas as her way, “to remind us all to listen to the unheard voice of nature, creation and eternal mystery.”
So why not get the kids humming to the sound of nature as they create their very own Danmalas right in their very own backyard or community park? Whether it be the leaves from the park or flowers from along the footpath, you won’t need to spend a cent as everything you need, nature will provide.

How to:
1. Pick a colour scheme before starting, this will help you to create an eye-catching design. Gather your organic materials and organise your collection into colour and size.

2. Be mindful of the background before you start. Make sure there is no rubbish or unwanted marks on the ground as this can ruin the end design and your photo.

3. Starting with the smallest, create a small circle, making sure each side is touching the other. We suggest drawing faint circles with chalk as a guideline, to ensure your Danmala is evenly spaced.

4. Working from the centre out, create your design making sure that it is symmetrical. (For extra detail, use smaller materials to fill in thin gaps and spaces. This will make your end design fuller and more detailed.)

5. Once you have completed your design, photograph your creation and then leave it for nature to take its course. If it is in a public place, perhaps those who come across your Danmala, will in turn be inspired to create their very own too.

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