Daddy Diary – Townsville – The Look of Love

Daddy Diary – Townsville – The Look of Love

Mama, I love you, Mama, I care.

Mama, I love you, Mama, my friend.

Those words are the chorus to the Spice Girls 1996 smash hit creatively titled “Mama”. While its cringe factor is nearly enough to make a person sick the lyrics are quite accurate. The words in this song ring true. And it’s a road that runs both ways. From mother to daughter (in my family’s case) and from daughter back to mother.

But, let’s be honest. It’s not always that way. That loving look my 21-month-old daughter Matilda has mastered wasn’t there from birth. It developed over time. And I think this is one of the factors that makes the first three months of a baby’s life some of the toughest on new parents.

Its hard work. You don’t sleep much and if you’re anything like my wife and I, you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing most of the time. And to your newborn, you’re nothing but the food provider and nappy changer. There are no loving looks and “I love you” in those first few weeks.

In fact, you’re treated worse than the help on Downton Abbey. It’s appalling. But, lucky for us parents this eventually changes. And when it does it changes you forever.

I can’t remember the exact moment Matilda showed love to her mother. Truth be told it was probably there from the beginning. But the actual physical display took many months to develop.

Now it’s something I see every day. It’s the look in my little girl’s eyes that give her away. She loves her mother just as much as her mother loves her. They are each other’s world. And together they make up mine.

To my wife, Michele. My dear, you are a shining example of everything a mother should be. You are mastering the fine art of parenthood. Matilda and I couldn’t wish for a better mother or wife.

But the truth is you are one of thousands out there. There are countless amazing mums all over Townsville.

You see it every day. And these women are the backbones to so many families. For most of us would be totally lost without you.

So to all the amazing mothers out there, thanks for everything that you do and thank you for everything that you are. We love you so much and wish you a brilliant Mother’s Day. You deserve it.

And to any forgetful kids/partners out there, the big day is Sunday 8 May. So get the coffee and vegemite ready. Breakfast in bed really is a wonderful start to the day.

Even if the toast is a little on the burnt side.