Daddy Diary (Townsville) – October, 2015

Grandparents. Aren’t they just great? They’re the first to put their hands up when we need help and the last people to leave once we’ve received it. As kids they’re the ones we run to when mum and dad say no. And when we do something well no one on earth is prouder than a grandparent.

It’s fair to say I love my grandparents. I have/had four great ones. Sadly my dad’s parents passed away when I was in my teens but my mums are still kicking.

Being a father to a one year old daughter I’ve recently gotten myself into a position where I can view the phenomenon that is grandparenthood (if that’s a word) from a different angle. Because this time I’m not learning/living/loving with my own grandparents. I’m doing all those things with my daughter’s.

This is a totally different experience to anything I was ever a part of with my grandparents. Because instead of being on the receiving end of all that love I get to watch my little girl receive it. And for the first time in my life I’m able to see just how beautiful a grandparent’s love is. It’s perfect.

Of course my daughter Matilda is lucky enough to have four of the best grandparents a little girl could ever dream of.

I’ll start with Mick and Heather. That’s my wife, Michelle’s parents. Even though Matilda is their third grandchild (since her birth a fourth little one has come along) their love for her comes so thick and fast you could bottle the stuff up.

Not only are they always there for Matilda but they’re always there for me and Michelle. Living in the same town as them has been an absolute blessing and it’s something I will never forget.

Now to my parents – Peter and Lesley. Or Granny & Poppy Pete as Matilda will grow up calling them. I think my mum put it best when she recently said she never thought her and dad would experience falling in love again. Then Matilda came along and all that went out the window.

Putting it simply, becoming a grandparent has turned my mother into a different woman. She relishes the job and, despite living two thousand kilometres away, is outstanding at it. I’ve never seen my mum happier than when she is with Matilda. So either my brother or I were rotten kids or there is something special about their relationship.

To be honest when I learnt that this month PakMag would be focusing Grandparent Awareness Day, I was over the moon. I love mine and Matilda’s so much. And they’re not the only amazing ones out there.

So to all the Nans, Pops, Grannys, Grandpas, Grammys and PapPaps out there, we love you so much. Thanks for always being there for us, especially when we need a babysitter. That’s awesome.