Daddy Diary Townsville – August 2017

Daddy Diary Townsville – August 2017

‘Man’s best friend’ is an old adage that many of us commonly use to describe our dogs. It refers to the close relationships, loyalty and companionship we share with them. Sadly, in our house though, this adage is turning out to be a very inaccurate one. I’m afraid ‘toddler’s worst nightmare’ would be more on point.

I don’t know when, why or how it happened. But two adult dog lovers (my wife and I), somehow have managed to produce a daughter who seems to be more of a cat person.

To get to the root of this problem, let’s start with my wife, Michelle. The woman is Pug dog mad. Personally, I blame the Pug pup from those loo paper and tissue commercials. Her love for this dog breed with too much skin borders on obsession. Our house is full of Pug mugs, calendars and fridge magnets. If Typo sells it, and it has a Pug on it, we own it.

I too am a dog person. I don’t remember a time in my childhood when my family didn’t have at least one dog. There was usually a pack. Feeding time on the back veranda was mayhem.

So, with two dog lovers as parents, the mind really does boggle as to how Matilda, our three-year-old daughter, has so much disdain towards them.

You see, the thing is, she’s petrified of dogs. She really does seem to have a deep fear of anything on four legs. I don’t think it stems from a particularly bad experience with a canine. I just think most dogs are a bit too jumpy and excitable for my very placid three, going on 80-year-old, daughter. But I must say she does seem to be getting a little better.

Just the other week the three of us went to visit good family friends of ours. This family just so happens to have two beautiful, old Labradors in their fold and being older dogs, they are much more placid. This must have had some sort of calming influence on Matilda as this Sunday arvo she did something she’s never done before. She reached out and attempted to pat Roger, the older of the two Labs. What a breakthrough… or so we thought.

Just as Matilda’s hand was about to touch the back of beautiful Roger’s neck, the pooch suddenly stood, turned his head and gave Matilda a big wet lick-kiss on the cheek. This tiny movement and the small show of affection was enough to upset my little princess for the next 10 minutes. She was distraught. It was one step forward and two steps back.

It seems like we may just have to be a cat family after all.


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