Daddy Diary Mackay – You Can’t Spell Mother’s Day without M-A-Y

May, as far as family celebrations go, is about Mother’s Day.

With our family, my wife was the first to get a “day” when our son was born.  It was kind of like a prize – she got Mother’s Day before I got Father’s Day.

This is something I’m sure many parents-to-be, talk and joke about – who gets a “day” first.

From my experience, that first Mother’s Day or Father’s Day is a really special one. Father’s Day #1 was just great. It’s all about you and it’s all because of the little person who is in your arms, who is very special.

I shouldn’t admit it, but I’m really bad at Mother’s Day and cannot remember anything I’ve bought for my wife as a present. Actually she probably can’t remember anything I got her either.

But I cook every day at home, so she’d have to be happy with that right? Yes, I know that doesn’t cut it.

I’ll do flowers most years (okay, some years) and cook a nice dinner that my wife likes, such as Buffalo ribs or something like that. But because I cook every night, that’s really not so special.

For Mother’s Day we might go for a drive up to Cape Hillsborough, Finch Hatton Gorge or Broken River. We make a day out of it and it allows us to get out of the house and away from the chores that all mums hate doing, especially of their special day.

And now that our kids are getting older, these days out are getting easier, especially now they can communicate, walk and don’t need to be carried all the time.

While my wife did get Mother’s Day before I got Father’s Day, I have to admit that I did get a ‘day’ first. My son was born five days before my birthday. And while spending your birthday in a hospital room is not ideal, I did manage to smuggle in a six pack of Scotch and Coke and ordered a pizza.

Plus I got to spend the day with my five-day-old boy. You really can’t ask for anything better.

If May is your first Mother’s Day, I hope you get to enjoy a sleep in, either by yourself, or with someone special cuddled up next to you, until at least 6:30am.


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