Daddy Diary Mackay – October Organisation

Daddy Diary Mackay – October Organisation


October is a fantastic time of the year. Why?

  • It’s Ocsober.
  • There are less than three months until Christmas time.
  • There are just over two months to go until all the kids are on holidays.
  • And, October also means that the weather is really starting to warm up because summer is just around the corner.

Join all those things together and there is a slight cause for alarm.

Now I don’t want to frighten anyone, let alone any parents and their little ones, but between now and December, look out!

With the lead up to Christmas and school finishing comes the decision that October will be the month to organise and get stuff sorted early.

And when you combine an entire city of people with the same thought, well, things are going to get chaotic, especially at the shops.

There’s going to be some very busy and focussed parents all over our shopping centres (including me) in the next little while. My suggestion is don’t talk to them. Don’t make eye contact and probably the biggest warning of them all, whatever you do, don’t point them in the direction of chocolate.

My kids are gearing up for the end of the school year and they will be busy with assignments to do, projects to complete and high school exams to get ready for. The same goes for just about every parent in Mackay and the Whitsundays.

But what about the parents of newborns? I know school is a long way off for you but you know what I’m talking about with things getting busier by the day – planning for the holidays, looking for new activities to do with the little one, discovering different places to explore and cafes with air conditioning…

This time of the year means different things for different people. Whether you’re busy with shopping, with exam prep, with school holiday plans, with travel ideas or simply with trying to get your baby to sleep through the night, when you boil it all down it’s all the same – you’re doing it all for the little tribe in your life.

If they want you do dress-ups on the front lawn, do it. If you’re asked to play kitchen in the sun-room, do it. If you hear a request from the backyard to come and play tiggy, then drop what you’re doing and just do it. They sprout up too quickly.

Love them dearly, do anything for them and all will be fine, even during the extra hectic days and weeks ahead.

Besides, you can always push the Christmas planning out another month.

Or two…

Have fun,