Daddy Diary Mackay – July 2017

Daddy Diary Mackay – July 2017

Can you believe there’s less than six months to go until Christmas? I don’t want to freak anyone out but seriously, where has the year gone?

It wasn’t that long ago that we were getting a tan in the summer heat and were battling the elements and humidity when Tropical Cyclone Debbie came through. Yet, in some ways, these things seem like a distant memory now that it’s July.

This month is a good time to stop and think. With school holidays happening and many parents preparing for the summer break, July is a great time to jot down some ideas of what to do.

Want some ideas or inspiration? Well, this is what I have jotted down that I’m going to get started on in July. Firstly, I’m going to get my tax return done, I’m not going to leave it until September this year. Get it done now and hopefully some money will be coming your way sooner rather than later. Get the kids involved, what a great way to bond as a family as you sort through that pile of receipts that you’d promised yourself you’d keep sorted this year. You might even manage to explain the difficult concept to the kids that things really don’t come for free!

Secondly, I’m going to get the yard in order while the weather is cooler and I won’t get heat stroke. Get the kids outdoors with you, hand them a shovel each and watch them go nuts. You might want to steer them in the right direction though, otherwise, your prized flower bed may be mulch in the space of a few minutes. Just giving you a warning.

During the school holidays, dependent on age, a few other things that could work are getting the older kids to paint the house (if you are game) or maybe even get them to mow the yard in their free time. If you’re kids aren’t quite ready for that yet, considering how quick the year is going you could always start them now on making Christmas gifts. Get onto this now rather than leaving it to a few weeks before the big day!

These are just some of my thoughts for July but really the most important part of this time of the year is to bond with your kids over the holidays. Take them to the movies and play outdoor games with them. If you’ve got more ideas let me know, but I suppose the big thing is just get to know them more without work getting in the way. It can’t hurt!

Happy July!


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