Daddy Diary – Father’s Day with a Side of Bacon

Daddy Diary – Father’s Day with a Side of Bacon

What do you want for Father’s Day? It’s the question frustrated kids (and, more often than not, mothers) are asking all over Townsville. And it’s a hard one to answer. Well it is for a lot of us anyway.

Let’s be honest, a lot of men aren’t really the “gifty” type. And I most certainly fall within that category. I never know what to get people and I never know what I want. Between Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and of course Father’s/Mother’s day it’s a constant struggle. So to all the frustrated “Father’s Day” families out there I’ve found the solution. And it’s delicious.

It’s a humble bacon and egg roll.

Sure we’ll use the socks and jocks that make an appearance every year. We’ll drink the Dan Murphy’s imported beer in a pretty cardboard six-pack. We may even win a couple of bucks on that instant scratch-it thrown in with the card.

But all we really want come that Sunday morning is a sleep in and a bacon and egg roll when we finally do rise from our peaceful slumber. And more importantly, we want what the humble bacon and egg roll stands for.

Let’s face it. Most of us big boys have our toys. For me it’s my pinball machine, DVD collection and my Weber BBQ (we’ve named her Suzie). We all have our stuff and we have every day of the year to enjoy them.

What’s beautiful on a Father’s Day Sunday morning is that B&E roll and the smile that goes with it.

Because what it shows is love and appreciation. And the honest truth is that that is all us Dads really want – to know that we are loved and all that we do is appreciated. I know it’s sappy but a hug from my girls (my beautiful wife Michelle and our two-year-old daughter Matilda) is worth more to me than a thousand Quicksilver shirts and novelty bottle openers.

I love my girls with all my heart. And to know they love me back equally is the best best feeling a man can have.

To all the dads out there who can’t be with their kids on Father’s Day, for whatever reason, my heart goes out to you. Same for the mum’s who miss out on special occasions with their young ones. That must be really tough. The love between a parent and child is something really special. It can’t be described. Just know that your strength in these less-than-ideal circumstances is more important to your kids than you’ll ever realise.

So that’s that. However you decide to spoil that special old dude in your life this Father’s Day, just remember your love and appreciation for your family is the best gift you can ever give.

But, with that being said, bacon and egg rolls also go down pretty good.