Every child needs a little area to call his or her own. And this is exactly what a cubbyhouse can provide – a small (to you) but spacious (to your child) area where a child can go to play, create and reflect.

There is no exact science to designing an indoor or outdoor cubby house. It comes down to the personal taste of your child as well as the space that you are working with. But below are some basic tips for designing both indoor and outdoor cubby houses with flair and fun.

Indoor Cubby Houses

The name of the game when creating a cubby house indoors is cosiness. Sometimes kids need a bit of a time out and having a dome of comfort is a great way to let them have their own space that helps to shape their identity.

Start with a tepee, add cushions, blankets and a few wicker baskets to hold quiet activity supplies such as colouring-in books and crayons, picture books, puzzles and a few of his or her favourite stuffed animals.

Keep the lighting calm and serene with fairy lights or a cute reading light.

No parent wants to trip over a cubby house every time they come inside or need to vacuum so place the cubby in a corner which allows for privacy for the child but also provides adequate supervision.

Outdoor Cubby Houses

Outdoor cubby houses are often a lot more detailed and bigger than indoor ones. And while indoor cubbies provide a great area for children to reflect, outdoor cubby houses offer a space for children to play in an area that is all their own.

Consider creating a cooking nook with a tea set, pretend kitchen, BBQ set or mud area. Add a table and chairs setting and some shelving to hold their items.

Consider adding a chalk board or even a letterbox to the front of the house so you and your child can exchange messages while in your private areas. And be sure to make time to come over to your child’s cubby for tea or a BBQ every once and a while.

The benefit of having either an indoor or outdoor cubby house is that it provides children with their own space all the while allowing you to supervise (and hopefully get a few things done while the kids play).