Craft – Flower Power


Delight in this fun floral experience that blends colour and magic (well, science, not magic). This experiment is great for teaching children about plants and flowers and brings a level of anticipation and excitement to every day! Your kids will delight in waking up every morning to see if the flowers have changed at all.

flower power 2

You need:

White flowers (roses, carnations, daisies, etc.), food colouring, glasses or vases, scissors

To make:

  1. Trim the flowers down so that they fit nicely in a vase or glass (or flask)
  2. Fill your vases with water and add a few drops of the various colours of food colouring to each glass.
  3. Add a flower to each vase and place the vases in a sunny spot.
  4. As the flowers drink the water, they will start to change colour.


  • Ask the kids to make predictions about what will happen.
  • Observe the flowers for two weeks to see the most drastic change.

Thanks to for the great craft idea.