One day you are your children’s everything – their best friend, their favourite play mate, their constant entertainer. You can literally do no wrong.

Then the next. Well, you’re still their everything, but behind closed doors only. In public it’s a whole other story. When kids get to a certain age (ahem…TWEENS), they realise something – turns out, their parents aren’t really that cool.

I’ve known for years I’m pretty unhip. Unless all the cool kids these days spend their Friday nights in front of the telly, folding laundry and preparing for their big weekend of grocery shopping AND going to Kmart.

But my kids thought I was cool so I went with it.

Well, the façade is over folks. Lately my eldest would much rather ditch me for his mates. Any day of the week. EVEN when I bribe him.

This is all part of the ‘parenting tweens’ fun. On the plus side, it’s great to watch our kids grow independently and to have some freedom back. But it can also be a bit sad. Truth be told, I miss being my son’s BFF. I miss hanging out with him.

Be Seen with Your Tween

Recently we have introduced a parent-child outing into the routine – a chance for me and my main not-so-littleman to enjoy one-on-one time outside of the house. Yes. In public.

Essentially, these outings are similar to a date. But with your child. And without the awkward conversations about who is paying. Because, we all know it’s going to be you!

Child-Parent Date Ideas

So book in some time, choose an activity, leave the phones at home and enjoy these parent-child date ideas.

• Get active – go for a bike ride, a scoot or a skate along the beach. Grab an ice cream at the end.

• Hit some balls – Head to the driving range and take a few swings together.

• Take a class together – A painting class, cooking class, a cupcake decorating class.

• Play a round of laser tag – Indoor, outdoor – both are great fun for tweens, teens and adults.

• Get competitive – Go bowling or play mini golf. Winner pays for donuts after.

• Go to the video arcade – There’s heaps of great games that you can play together – car racing, zombie shooting, basketball, skeeball, air hockey. Old school fun.

• Take in a show –Book some tickets and see a show!

• Head out for a meal – Sure, it’s a classic date, but it’s also a good one! Follow it up with a movie and popcorn.

• Go to a game – Check the Cowboys’ schedule and book tickets to a home game.

The purpose of these little adventures is simple – to give you and your tween or teen a chance to connect, catch up and share some laughs. But, a word of advice – whatever you do, DON’T refer to it as a date. Unless you want your child to run for the hills before
you even get out the door. After all, dating your mum is so NOT cool.


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