Colores Mineral Cosmetics – make-up all mums need in their lives


Poor skin is something that most of us will face at some stage or another, especially when living in the tropics. I will be the first to admit that my skin suffers with the hot weather and I am constantly plagued with unwanted blemishes, especially around my cheeks.

The problem with most makeup is that, while it covers these flaws, it can also block the pores even more. It’s a catch 22 situation – the makeup can cause the blemishes that need to be covered in the first place.

Recently I got to experience a makeup like no other, one that is actually good for your skin and one that makes you feel good about yourself. And, best of all, it’s designed and branded locally by mum of three, Antonietta Bergamin.

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Colores Mineral Cosmetics isn’t a new name in the cosmetics industry. In fact, it has been around since 2003 and during this time, has received plenty of notice from large and small companies.

However, Antonietta has recently moved to Cairns and set up a gorgeous boutique cosmetics studio in North Cairns which provides a welcoming, calming and refreshing atmosphere. The studio includes a rainbow of beautiful mineral powders, an area for laser treatments and a display of cosmetics that will stop anyone in their tracks.

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Antonietta is one of the most professional and passionate make-up artists I have ever met. One of the things that surprised me the most about Colores Mineral Cosmetics is Antonietta’s ability to find your perfect blend by simply examining your skin or even looking at a photo. You can literally send a photo through to her and she can match your blend.

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After a refreshing toner and make-up application, I left Antonietta feeling revived, sun-kissed and beautiful. And, while we spent an hour or so chatting and laughing, the actual at home application (which included only four products) would take me less than five minutes to do in the morning.

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So what drove Antonietta to design Colores Mineral Cosmetics, which is 100 percent made in Australia using only the purest of minerals (no dyes, synthetics or fillers)?

Having suffered with skin allergies, pimples and redness for many years, Antonietta decided to produce a make-up that would cover the blemishes and heal at the same time. The minerals have have been pulverized and blended to create a variety of products from foundation and concealers to eye shadow, lip products, blush and more.

And the results are outstanding. In fact, it only takes two days for damaged, dehydrated skin to start to clear. My make-up application remained fresh all day long, even after rushing to pick my children up from school and playing cricket in the park with them for an hour or so.

The services at Colores are extensive to say the least. You can buy online, book an appointment with Antonietta and she even offers personal parties for mums who want to get together and explore the range.

Check out Colores Mineral Cosmetics online, on Facebook, or contact 1300 486 616 for more information.