In a galaxy far far away, the PakMag team decided to pull together a planet-themed party so extraordinary that it will be out of this world! 

Stimulate their senses with spacey sweets and treats, intergalactic games and decorations that will make the guests feel like they really are in a different world. Think rocket ships, astronauts, planets, aliens, and constellations.

If your little one is a fan of all things space, then we’ve got your celestial celebration all wrapped up.

 Interstellar Delights

  • Astronaut bikkies
  • Moon-shaped cupcake toppers
  • Fruit rocket kabobs
  • Round and star-shaped cookie cutters to cut out sandwiches that look like planets and stars
  • Crater-themed jelly (add a few pieces of fruit to jelly cups)

Astronomical Decorations

  • Hang Chinese paper lanterns in different colours around the room. Add a ring around one for Saturn.
  • Or, simply pick up some different coloured card and cut out circles to hang from the ceiling.
  • Balloons are a must for any party. Add eyes to make them alien balloons.
  • Save the rolls off your paper towel and get the kids to help you design rocket ships to place around the house or on the tables. You can also use this as a race your rocket ship game.
  • Design a moon-themed table. Use play dough or collect rocks (and spray paint them silver) for moon craters.
  • Or, purchase a black tablecloth and place the platters of food into a common constellation such as The Southern Cross.

Intergalactic Games

  • Set the mood with music from some of the best space-themed movies and TV shows including Star Wars, ET and 2001: A Space Odyssey and play musical chairs
  • Play pass the planet-shaped parcel and include space-themed toys for each child to find.
  • Set up a backyard Saturn ring toss.

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