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The Earthshot Prize Comes to Life Thanks to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

In the 1960’s President John. F Kennedy created Moonshot, uniting people from around the world in efforts to put man on the moon. As part of this, amazing new technologies were developed around that time period. In addition, humans saw what we could achieve when we have a similar goal in sight, work as a team and put our brains together.

Now in 2020, Earthshot, a prestigious prize, has been created to incentivise people to join together and make changes that benefit our planet – and subsequently, us. The Earthshot Prize has five ‘Earthshots’; relatively simple yet big goals. These will hugely improve life on earth if achieved by 2030.

The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, perhaps better known as Prince William and Kate Middleton, runs the Earthshot Prize. The Duke and Duchess created the Foundation to unite people in tackling a variety of big challenges in today’s world, making a positive difference on issues that they are passionate about.

The Earthshots and Prizes

The Foundation grounds each Earthshot in scientifically agreed targets that will help repair the damage that our planet has suffered. This is crucial for both us now and future generations, to provide us and them with a good quality life and health. But it also goes beyond that; we have a beautiful planet full of unique nature and animals. This nature and our animals that we love will also suffer if we do not make changes and find ways to solve environmental problems NOW.

The targets form a set of challenges which will hopefully make new ways of thinking, new systems, policies, technologies and overall; solutions to these problems. The five Earthshots are:

  1. Protect and restore nature
  2. Clean our air
  3. Revive our oceans
  4. Build a waste-free world
  5. Fix our climate

Each Earthshot is broken down into more specific goals. For example, ‘Protect and restore nature’ focuses on repairing and protecting the homes of our animals. This could be in grasslands, wetlands, rainforests, lakes or rivers. Every year from 2021 to 2030 =an award ceremony will take place across the world in different cities. There, five winners will be awarded the Earthshot prize, each receiving one million-pound prizes (worth nearly 2 million AUD). Overall, this will provide 50 solutions to our planet’s greatest environmental problems by 2030!  

The Earthshot Prize Council is made up of influential people from around the globe. This team will award each Earthshot until 2030. The council includes Prince William, David Attenborough, Cate Blanchett, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Shakira, Naoko Yamazaki, Indra Nooyi and other well-known people.  

You can read more about each Earthshot and what it aims at achieving, as well as the full council list and list of Global Alliance Partners to Earthshot such as National Geographic, all on the Earthshot Prize website.











A Parents Version of “Ducking to the Shops” – Daddy Diary October 2020

Who with kids remembers “ducking” to the shops? Those simple times when you would rise from bed without being woken, maybe enjoying a quiet coffee or even a breakfast out before “ducking” into Coles without a list. Man, those were simple times. Not like now. These days – as a family of four, a Sunday morning trip to Willows requires the logistics of a NASA space launch.

The Kids don’t seem to mind!

First thing they don’t warn you about when it comes to kids is the stuff you need just to leave the house, let alone go to the shops. SO MUCH STUFF! Most of the time I feel more like a pack horse carrying supplies than I do a man. There’s the pram, nappies, wipes, food, drinks and once even a tin of cat food my one year old shoved in the baby bag. You never know when you’ll need an emergency tin of Whiskers. Most of the time our mid-sized Nissan SUV has enough stuff in it to rival a Mac semi-trailer.

And then there’s the groceries. SO MANY GROCERIES. Again, my mind wanders back to simpler times before kids when I would pop into Woolies, grab a basket… and usually not even fill it. These days a trip to the shops requires two trolleys. One for the stuff (see previous paragraph) and one for the groceries. Another thing that’s become huge in itself… the groceries. Because as a family of five mouths (including Taco our adopted cat)- bulk buys have become our very best friend. Families get this. Why do they even bother making a 4 pack of toilet paper? That wouldn’t last till lunchtime.

But it’s when you get home the best part of all arrives. The cherry on the Sunday. You know where I’m going with this right. Ladies and gentleman, it’s time for everybody’s favourite job… the unpacking. I always remind myself during this chore that it could be worse. We could live up a flight of stairs. That’s glass half full thinking right there.

I just thank the Lord that Dan Murphy’s is often the last stop on our shopping adventures. After days like these, it’s the least we busy working parents deserve right? Big love Townsville parents. And in case you haven’t been told lately – you’re doing an awesome job. Keep it up!


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Head to Parents and Kids of North Queensland YouTube Channel to see Bree’s up close interview with Cliffo. 

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What Natural Treatments Work for Bad Period Pain?

Naturopath – Calanna Whole Health Pharmacy

Dear Jana, I get really bad period pain. My Dr suggested contraceptives might help but I’d prefer something natural. Do I have options?

The effectiveness of a natural treatment depends on the reason for the pain. Some conditions that lead to period pain can impact your fertility so make sure your GP is referring you for further investigations. Natural therapies for period pain centre on balancing hormones, reducing inflammation, managing stress with nutritional and herbal supplements, and more. There are differences between supplements so make sure you seek advice on a product that’s going to work for you. 





What Can I Ask My Pharmacist?

Calanna Whole Health Pharmacy

Dear Matthew, What can I ask my pharmacist?

Don’t be afraid to ask your pharmacist any question about your health and medicine. We have face to face dispensing to encourage these conversations between our customers and pharmacists, as well as being open seven days a week, early to late, so you can catch us on your way home. Some common questions are, “Do I need to take this with food?”, “What side effects might I get from this medicine?” and more. Ask Calanna – we can either help or advise you to see a doctor.





My Baby Isn’t a Good Sleeper. What Should I Do?

Townsville Paediatrics 

Dear Dr Ramaa Puvvadi, My baby isn’t a good sleeper. What should I do?

Having a regular bedtime routine is key to a good sleep. While most parents pat or rock babies to sleep, which is OK for newborns, cut down on this as it can form a sleep association later. Begin to put the child awake in the cot to encourage self-settling. Leave the room briefly with regular checks or sit quietly until your child falls asleep. In addition, have quiet time before bed, such as a bath, and avoid feeding just before bed. Contact your doctor if you’re having trouble and your baby continues to be a bad sleeper despite routine measures.

Call Townsville Paediatrics on 4427 5817






Special Needs Guide Townsville 2020

Here is our guide to products, services and more for those with disabilities/special needs in Townsville. 

AEIOU Townsville

Young children with autism gain skills that last a lifetime at AEIOU Foundation Townsville. AEIOU delivers full-time therapy and care to children aged 2-6 years, and is a leader in the field of evidence-based early intervention.

In general the specialist team works closely with each child to develop independence, communication and social skills, and reduce challenging behaviours. Plus, parents and carers can also rely on one-to-one assistance in navigating the NDIS. AEIOU’s dedicated NDIS Support Coordinators are always here to help families access the right plan for their child’s needs.

P 4773 2898



Coastal Kids Speech Pathology

Coastal Kids support children from birth to 18 years old and their families to help maximise their communication skills. They do this by offering evidence based speech and language therapy services for speech delays, language delays, stuttering, children with autism and developmental delays, and more.

Family is very important at Coastal Kids Speech Pathology. Because of this, each family’s circumstances are taken into account and they have control of the frequency of the visits as well as the course of treatment.

P 0427 922 378



Centacare NQ

Here counsellors can provide support to individuals, couples, children and families experiencing issues, whether it be with relationships, parenting, trauma, stress, loss, general wellbeing or something else. In addition, they offer NDIS and disability support, aged care, an Employee Assistance Program, Multicultural Support and more.

At Centacare they will always listen and try their best to make a difference, committed to helping people in North Queensland who need it the most. Most importantly, everyone is treated with the respect and care that they deserve.

P Free Call 1300 NQ Care (1300 672 273)


Calanna Whole Health Pharmacy

Calanna Whole Health Pharmacy are registered with the NDIS, meaning that if you have applied and been successful for NDIS funding then you can use that support to purchase eligible goods through Calanna. Whether it is home aids like wheelie walkers, toilet seats, continence support products, compression garments or other items to aid in quality of life and health, Calanna Whole Health stock a large range.

The whole team at Calanna aim to help make life easier for people with a disability.  So, if you are registered with NDIS, all you or your care plan coordinator needs to do is provide Calanna with your full name, date of birth and NDIS number, and the team can help take care of it for you.

P Deeragun 4751 6286

 Kirwan 4773 4224

 Aitkenvale 4725 5244

 Currajong 4728 6544



Helping Hands – Hand, Wrist & Arm Clinic

The dynamic therapy team at Helping Hands are here to help with all sorts of issues relating to everything from the finger tips to shoulders, from tiny infants to the elderly. Their services include exercising and strengthening programs, prescription and fabrication for casts, orthoses and braces, strapping and bandaging, massage, hands-on mobilisation and much more.

Along with helping with various conditions that affect the arms, they also offer paediatric services helping children improve their handwriting and fine motor skills and assisting with neuro-development.

P 4755 2337



Complete Mobility & Rehab

Complete Mobility & Rehab promotes independence in the home and out and about, supplying products that increase quality of life. From kitchen equipment to electric wheelchairs and everything in between, the fully trained team of professionals understand that independence, dignity and peace of mind are important. The team will always help you find exactly what you need.

You can always count on qualified staff with years of experience who can help you install, repair and modify equipment to suit your individual needs. In addition, they also provide trial equipment, home delivery, short and long-term equipment hire and home servicing.

P 4725 9476



Townsville Paediatrics

Townsville Paediatrics provide specialist care to children, from newborns right through to adolescents. In fact the friendly and caring experts on the team are able to make sure your child is well on track to reach milestones, whether it’s walking, talking, motor skills and more, as well as addressing any concerns you may have about health or development. Overall the team are highly specialised in autism and ADHD.

If your child is experiencing medical, developmental or behavioural difficulties, they are here to help. You can visit your GP to discuss your concerns and ask for a referral to Townsville Paediatrics.

P 4427 5817




Sisu7 is a unique store providing products, toys and games that have been handpicked by an Occupational Therapist to provide a therapeutic or developmental outcome. All of the products are designed to be used and played by the whole family whilst increasing school skills, developmental outcomes or other important skills needed for people and children to grow. Overall they help people be independent and have fun whilst doing it.

P 0439 796 016



Access Therapy Services

Access Therapy Services is a trusted NDIS provider working in the North Queensland region for over 10 years. They work with people of all ages from children, adolescents, adults and older people in their homes, in schools and in the community. Their allied health team have a diverse range of skill sets and experience working with all areas of disability and needs. Overall they pride themselves on supporting people and families in unique and individual ways; you are not a number to them!

P 4779 1886



Sony Foundation Camps

Sony Foundation’s Children’s Holiday Camps (Sony Camps) operate around Australia in partnership with Schools and Universities, providing a unique and inclusive overnight residential camp experience to children with a disability.

When attending, children are cared for by dedicated and passionate senior high school students, giving them an opportunity to develop relationships with peers outside of their family unit. During these camps incredible bonds are formed, with many lasting well beyond camp. In addition, school staff, adult volunteers and qualified health professionals are on site at all times.

To apply for your child to attend one of two annual Sony Camps in Townsville, click HERE: 


Nurture Family Health Centre

Nurture Family Health Centre is a registered NDIS provider, helping participants to reach their goals. They offer a range of services for the whole family as they are a multidisciplinary team, which include Speech pathology, Occupational therapy, Child and Adult Psychology, Physiotherapy, and much more. They also have medical and dental practitioners available, and offer pregnancy, postnatal and regular Pilates classes.

P 4772 2555



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