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Cairns Lagoon, a great place for school holiay fun for kids

School Holiday Activities for Kids in Cairns

Holiday Activities for Kids and Families

School holidays are upon us, folks. And while we love uninterrupted family time and all of the joys that come with, finding school holiday activities for the kids that doesn’t involve endless hours of iPad or screen time can be tricky. Luckily for families visiting Cairns, there’s lots to do. Be it a stroll along the Esplanade or a trip out to the reef, our city by the sea is chock-full of ways to keep the kids busy without totally sacrificing your chance to relax and have an adult holiday of your own. 

We’ve asked a few staff members and parents of Pullman Cairns International for their insider tips on how to holiday in Cairns with kids of all ages in tow: 

Josephine Falls and Millaa Millaa Falls

Daniel Rosendale – Front Office All Rounder
“Waterfall day at Josephine Falls and Millaa Millaa Falls! And don’t forget a stop at Lake Barrine and the tea house there. There, you can see a platypus if you’re lucky. There’s also Crystal Cascades closer by.”

Couple sit on rock, partially in water at Josephine Falls

A trip to the Tablelands for a few waterfall dips and nature walks is a day that the whole family will truly enjoy. Josephine Falls boasts a natural granite waterslide, while Millaa Millaa provides the perfect backdrop for a family holiday photo. If the kids plan on swimming, just be aware of the day’s conditions, as currents can be strong after a big rain.

A stop at the historic Lake Barrine Teahouseis also a must when you’re traipsing around the Tablelands. Though the informative lake cruises have been put on hold, the restaurant is still open and slinging out delicious Devonshire Tea and filling lunches. 

Crepes for breakfast at Lake Barrine Teahouse for school holidays activities

Nearer to Cairns, Crystal Cascades is a local family favourite for many reasons. This series of freshwater swimming holes is surrounded by lush rainforest trees and plenty of native critters. Plus, its walking tracks and BBQ areas make for the perfect afternoon adventure.

Muddy’s Playground

Reiko Kusuda – Food & Beverage Supervisor
“Muddy’s playground on the Esplanade. Green Island is also a good day trip for kids.”

Muddy’s Playground
 is the perfect way for active kiddos to burn some energy on a long summer day. Located right on the Esplanade, this sprawling free park offers a splash zone, ropes courses, toddler play area, classic playground equipment, massive interactive chimes, and much much more. Refuel at Muddy’s Café. Or make use of the many picnic tables and BBQs scattered around with lunch from home.

A trip to Green Island requires a bit more planning. However, kids are sure to love the options to snorkel, cruise around in a glass bottom boat and play in the island’s soft white sand. 

Nature Play Space, Red Arrow and Sugarworld Park

Nerida Meakin – Director of Sales & Marketing
“My family has a lot of favourites. The Nature Play Space at Centenary Lakes, walking the Red Arrow (with cold drink at NOA as an incentive!)… and Sugarworld is always a big hit!”

Just a few minutes from Cairns CBD, the Edge Hill neighborhood offers lots of hidden gems for everyone to enjoy. The Nature Play Space at Centenary Lakes is a playground like no other. Lurid orange slides and blue swing sets are replaced by ropes courses built into hills, dinosaur bones buried amongst the sand boxes, and a sensory garden that invites everyone to touch and smell native flora. 

Kids climb play ropes at Nature Play Centre, the perfect place for fun school holiday activities

gardens at Nature Play Centre

For an active afternoon, the 1.5km Red Arrow walking track takes families up (and we mean up—there’s about 250 steps, so make sure you’ve all got runners on) through Mt Whitfield Conservation Park, through the forest and past several spectacular points that look out over Cairns. After you’ve completed the loop, treat the kids to a well earned milkshake and yourself to a cold something or other at nearby NOA

To cool down on one of Cairns’ infamously hot summer days, a trip to play in Sugarworld Adventure Park’s many waterslides and splash pools is a surefire winner for kids of all ages.

Goomboora Park Activities

Leissa Prouchandy – Guest Experience Manager 
“Goomboora Park has an adventure playground and a creek that feeds from Crystal Cascades. It’s easy for the kids to swim as the current isn’t too strong, and there’s a big pathway that goes all the way to Crystal Cascades that you can cycle and walk along.”

Woman walks on Goomboora Park track as school holiday activity with kids

Goomboora Park’s gentle creek feeds from the same water as Crystal Cascades’, but offers much gentler currents for beginner swimmers. The adventure playground will entertain the young ones, while parents and older kids will love a stroll or a bike ride along the beautiful walking track. 

Pullman Cairns International

For families that are shorter on time but still looking for ways to cater to the kids, guests of Pullman Cairns International have plenty of school holiday activities to choose from right at their (hotel) doorstep. Budding cooks and mixologists can join the talented chefs and bartenders at Coco’s Kitchen & Bar for cooking and mocktail making classes.

Drinks from Coco's Kitchen and Bar classes

Little ones that like to be pampered can indulge in mini “Princess Manicures” with the friendly Vie Spa therapists.

There will even be evening movies on show in one of Pullman Cairns International’s spacious event rooms, so families can enjoy something on the big screen without an expensive trip to the theater. 

View the Pullman’s January kids activities schedule here.

So, what are you waiting for? Cairns is calling. Pack up that sunblock and those rashies, and get the family ready for one of your best summer holidays yet.

BLOG BY Alina Polishuk






Three Gift Ideas for that Impossible-to-Buy-For Person

Everyone has a few ‘difficult’ people on their Christmas gift-buying list. No one wants to give a gift that isn’t appreciated, or one that’s stored away and never used.

So, how do you figure out what gift to get that they’ll love and that also shows you put the extra thought into it?

Here are our three go-to gifts that anyone and everyone can enjoy.

An Experience

Experiences offer quality time to spend together and memories to last a lifetime. Even though they might not be able to get the joy of unwrapping a present this Christmas, an experience is the perfect gift for that person who already has everything. This might include supporting one of your local tourism businesses and keeping your spending dollars in the community, such as a reef cruise, winery tour, hot air balloon, a staycation at a local hotel, spa day, a fun workshop or a delicious meal out. The options are endless!

My Vision Book

Show your loved one that you really care about them with My Vision Book. My Vision Book is the versatile present for that person who has big plans and goals for their life, or the person that might be feeling a bit lost. Either way, My Vision Book will give them a push in the right direction and help them make a positive change to their life. They will be able to use images, words, diagrams – whatever they want – to map out what they want from life. Then when they’re older, they will be able to look back on this gift and celebrate all the wonderful things they set out to achieve. You can get it here.

A Service

Let’s face it – we’re all busy! Who wouldn’t enjoy a professional house clean so they have the weekend to spend time with their loved ones? How about a meal kit subscription so they have more time to spend on something they love? Or even a rest day from the kids for a whole day and night’s worth of babysitting (yes – we love them but we can all use a break sometimes). Services, allow the person to relax and recharge, breaking away or changing up their regular (and often mundane) activities.

Hopefully this blog helps you think of a few extra gift ideas for both this Christmas and the Christmases yet to come. These ideas are also very versatile and work well for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and more – so you’ll never have to struggle with what to buy that tricky person again! Remember – to nail your gift this year, make sure to get something that is useful, meaningful and unique.


Four Gift-Buying Tips for the Christmas Season

With the holiday season finally upon us you might be starting to feel that awful “what gifts am I going to get for them this year?” feeling.

What are you going to get for the person that has everything? The person who says they don’t want or need anything? Some people are just plain hard-to-buy-for in general!

You’ve used up all your ideas with past presents, but here are four tips you can use to nail this year’s gift(s).

No gift cards

Gift cards are easy to buy – but let’s face it, they’re boring! Plus, you already give the gift away in the first three seconds when you hand them a card and no gift-wrapped present. They also show that you didn’t put a lot of thought into the gift. So, gift cards should always be a last resort, and not the ‘go-to’ gift.

Make it practical

Nobody wants to give the gift that’s used once on Christmas day then shoved up in a cupboard, never to be touched again. Try and think of a problem that the gift receiver has and how you can help solve it. Does anything the person uses need an upgrade? Is there a gift you could buy that would help make their life easier?

Make it meaningful

This can be a tricky one, but making it meaningful will show that you’ve put a lot of thought into getting your loved one the perfect gift. You can do this through personalisation (this is huge in the gift buying industry nowadays), getting a gift that you can use photos with so that the person can relive some of their best memories, writing a heartfelt message or giving a gift that they can be creative with.

Support small and local businesses

Think; your local markets, gift shops, small businesses that you follow on social media, referrals from friends and more. Small businesses often have a great range of gifts that are unique and personalised. They will also usually go the extra mile and gift-wrap, write a handwritten card and offer express shipping.

In addition, you can support your local small businesses by liking and sharing their social media posts or writing a review for them. It doesn’t cost a cent! Overall, the most important thing is to understand the needs of your loved one (and, planning ahead always helps a little too).

If you follow these four gift-buying tips, you can’t go wrong!

Good luck and happy shopping.


Seven Small Changes that Will Make a Positive Difference in Your Life

The thought of change can be scary or off-putting to some people because you’re moving out of your comfort zone and the safety net of routine.

Although it can be easier said than done, change should be embraced as it can lead to a more enjoyable life, new opportunities and a fresh perspective on the world.

Here are seven small and manageable changes you can start doing right now to see a positive difference in your life.

Be kind

Being kind won’t just make the receiver feel good, it will make you feel good as well! Whether your kindness comes in the form of a smile, compliment, connection or a good-willed gesture, your brain will respond to this as feeling rewarded. Being kind also helps with general wellbeing (ref 1).

Think positive

A “glass half full” attitude can have a really positive impact on your life. A few things you can do to be more positive are practice self-talk (think about what you’re thankful for, the good things that have happened to you today and what you love about yourself, but also what you can improve on and how you’re going to tackle it), surround yourself with positive people and people who make you feel good about yourself, and don’t lose perspective – just slow it down and give yourself time to process, think clearly and focus on being optimistic.

Read more

In today’s society we are increasingly spending more time on technology; scrolling through our phones, working away on a computer or watching TV. Take some time for yourself each night to read. Reading has been proven to keep your brain active (ref 2), reduce stress and assist with a better night’s sleep.

Exercise and eat a balanced diet

Engaging in daily exercise and a balanced diet is known to help with physical and mental health. Simply going for a 30 minute walk each day and swapping your snack for a piece of fruit or something healthier will likely cause you to see a positive change in your mood and energy levels.

Write down your feelings

Write write write! Similar to reading, writing will help keep your verbal and written skills in check while also clearing your mind (ref 3). Whether you’re wanting to keep a daily journal, write three positive things down a day or unleash your creativity – writing will help you speak your mind.

Finish something you have been putting off doing

This doesn’t have to be a big task. It might simply be tidying the house up, organising a catch-up with friends or family or even fixing that broken letterbox. Either way, finalising an unfinished task can give you a great sense of personal satisfaction. You may even find you are more motivated to tackle the rest of your “to-do” list once you’re done!

Take it one step at a time

No one is expected to do a complete 180 overnight. When you are looking at the big picture, change can feel overwhelming and it can feel impossible to get to where you want to be. Focus on breaking the changes down into small steps such as the ones listed above and you’ll feel much better with how easy these things actually are to achieve.

Remember to keep your positive mindset and celebrate small wins. You WILL see a difference in your life.



Ref 1 –

Ref 2 –

Ref 3 –

Two wraped christmas gifts from christmas gift guide 2020 sit on counter in front of christmas tree and christmas lights, next to Christmas decorations

Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Christmas is many people’s favourite time of the year, although it can also be quite a stressful time due to all of the present buying. We’ve decided to lend a helping hand and create the fabulous ‘Christmas Gift Guide 2020’ full of perfect gift ideas for all ages. If you’re worrying over what to buy everyone, don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Christmas Gifts for the Kids

Bluey Family Home – $69.00

Also available from Big W, Target 

This huge toy playset is full of removable furniture for your child to design their own layout and includes one special bluey figure.Bluey family home as kids gift in christmas gift guide

Squeakee The Balloon Dog Robot – $44.88

Also available from Amazon and more. 

This electronic pupper is interactive, coming to life when you play with him. Pop him when you’re done then inflate him again when it’s time to play! Train him with a toy, feed him…he can even pee or fart! and he’ll react to your voice so you can tell him what a good boy he is.

Squeakee balloon robot as kids gift


Meccano 15104 150 Piece Construction Red Bucket – $49.00

Get that creativity and construction flowing with this huge set of pieces to play with. Kids aged 5 + will be entertained for hours as they have fun building various models and experimenting with the pieces, all the while learning about engineering.

Meccano 150 piece as gift from Christmas gift guide

Death Star Final Duel – $148.99

Why not a Star Wars LEGO set? It’s a gift to spark creativity and thinking, while also resulting in something awesome being made – keeping your child entertained for hours. There are so many different sets, so something to suit every child (or adult – we don’t judge!), but this Star Wars Death Star inspired LEGO set is one of the coolest one’s we have seen yet.

star wars lego death star gift for both kids and adults


GP Toys STEM Robot Building Kit $41.59

This Robot Building Kit is an excellent education toy that immerses children into not just playing, but using engineering and construction.  Once built, it can be controlled both by APP and a remote controller that works up to a distance of 20m. Boys and girls aged 7 – 12 years who like DIY and science will love this. 

GP robot image with packaging and remote control via wifi display, from Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Learn to Draw with Melissa Sweet$17.95

Have an aspiring artist in the family? Help them work on their skills, creativity and have a lot of fun with Learn to draw with Melissa Sweet. This book for ages 5 + helps little artists learn and practice drawing facial expressions, movement, form, light and more.

Book cover for Learn to Draw with Melissa Sweet for Christmas Gift Guide 2020

There is also ‘Learn to draw People’ in a realistic style by Kevin Hawkes for kids aged 7+ years.

And ‘Learn to Draw Animals’ in a realistic style with Kevin Hawkes. 


Bright Star Kids: Personalised gifts – Door Sign – $24.95

Personalise a door sign for your child, choosing from heaps of unique designs, fonts and text options. These  signs are a creative way to give a special, personal gift this Christmas. 


Personalised T-shirt or Onesie – $29.95

There are plenty of design options as well as personalised text that the kids will love. 

Personalised t-shirt from Birhgtstar for Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Avengers Infinity War Hero Vision Augmented Reality Experience $89.99

The Avengers Movies have been absolutely huge for both children and adults for the last few years. Get your child a mask of a hero they look up to!

This special mask comes with Augmented Reality Technology, and with some set up (you’ll need a device), you will see digital images from the hero’s world right in front of your own eyes!

Box for hero vision avengers mask from Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls $39.99

Why not get a daughter, niece, or younger sister the book that every young girl needs in her life – Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls by Francesca Cavallo and Elena Favilli – 100 Tales of Extraordinary Women.

Book cover for Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls from Christmas Gift Gift 2020


Harry Potter Book Set – $79.99

Harry Potter never gets old, and older generations will love receiving a full, new set of the characters and story that they treasured as children. Or, introduce your children to the wonderful world of wizards and give them enough books to keep them occupied for a long time!

Image of Harry Potter book set for Christmas Gift Guide 2020


Apollo Jackson Street Magic Kit  $69.95

Gain the best magic skills with the Apollo Jackson Street Magic Kit – full of mind blowing tricks that the Australian entertainer has performed himself globally.

Each kit has over 100 tricks that are perfect for kids over 8 years and adults who want to master street magic.

Box packaging for Apollo Jackson Street Magic Kit from Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Lenovo Duet Chromebook – $599.00

 The Lenovo Duet Chromebook is a sleek, light 2-in-1 device that switches from serious to fun as easily as it converts from laptop to tablet mode. Weighing less than a kilo at a 10.1” size, the Lenovo Duet Chromebook travels effortlessly wherever you choose to take it, whether that’s school, uni, or even travelling!

Also available from Officeworks, Harvey Norman, Amazon and more. 

Lenovo Duet Chromebook for Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Christmas Gifts for the Teens and Adults 

Bluetooth Shower Speaker with FM Radio – $20.00

Shower speaker with Bluetooth and FM (portable)  

Make those shower-jamming sessions more fun and easier with a portable, waterproof speaker. Simply charge it up and connect with any Bluetooth enabled devices to listen to music.


Nintendo Switch – from $448

Also available from JB Hi-Fi, EB Games, Amazon, Big W, and more.

Game Boys and portable game devices were huge in the past…and the love for these devices never went away! Gift your teen this small, lightweight handheld console so they can enjoy their favourite games on the go or by connecting to a TV and playing with friends.

The Nintendo Switch is also a great gift for adults and families, as family games can be a super fun way to spend an afternoon indoors together. The switch easily connects to the TV and can have multiple players on at once (though you may need extra controllers). The switch has been one of the hottest devices on the market since its release in 2019 – all for good reason!

Nintendo switch packaging, controller and more for Christmas Gift Guide

Ya Filthy Animal Shower Kit – $49.95

Look…let’s be honest, teen boys can sometimes have a hard time keeping up with hygiene habits as their bodies suddenly start becoming a lot smellier than before (girls – you aren’t off the hook either!). If you’re looking to send a subtle message to your son and also encourage skin care and hygiene at a time where it matters most, this is the gift for you. Help teach your boys that taking care of their bodies and skin is not just for girls!


Evidence Skincare (ESK) – Essentials Starter Kit$94.00 – $189.00

Launched for the holidays, the Essentials Starter Kit is a cosmeceutical-grade skincare system containing a host of scientifically proven ingredients including niacinamide, vitamin A derivative, retinal, and a blend of exfoliating alpha and beta hydroxy acids. The kit includes the Hydroxy Cleanser, B Calm and Ultimate A.

ESK three bottles for Christmas Guide 2020

Real Techniques – Everyday Essential Set – $49.50

This makeup brush and tool set for face and eyes will make any makeup lover’s routine easy, with fabulous application.

Real techniques brush set for Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Enbacci  – Vitis Vinifera 3-Step System – $69.95

This travel sized kit contains the brand’s cult-favourite Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Gel Cleanser, Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Essence and Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Essential Crème. These skincare products are made with grape stem cells (using grapes all the way from France!). Thanks to these grapes, all three products have antioxidant benefits that help protect the skin from environmental aggressors, including UV-induced free radicals, and reverse the physical signs of premature ageing.

Three Enbacci products from travel kit, for Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Trifold Rechargeable Vanity Mirror – $99.95

The majority of us are no stranger to checking out our skin and general face quite often. Plus, plenty of girls and women wear makeup every single day – making it a large part of the daily routine.

You can make this routine a little easier with a helpful, fantastically lit vanity mirror, for a lucky girl or woman this Christmas! Mirror’s light will provide the perfect setting to apply makeup and your reflection will be clear as day.

Trifold mirror from Christmas Gift Guide


Jewellery is a timeless gift hat anyone can appreciate. Get your teen daughter, granddaughter, niece or friend these beautiful Pandora earrings or necklace – a beautiful accessory that’s perfect for showing off this summer.

Heart Hoop Earrings$69.00                 

(Rose gold is SO in right now)

Pandora Heart hoop earrings for Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Beard Balm

Help a lucky man condition and soften his beard while smelling delightfully delicious! These beard balms will add shine and soften to any beard, all while being affordable and Aussie made.

 Mini Coco Fresh Beard Balm – 13ml – $9.90

Coconut beard balm from shaper shop for Christmas Gift Guide

Mini Spiced Vanilla Beard Balm 13ml – $9.90,

Vanilla Beard Balm for Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Grab a Glass (or tea cup!) and Relax                           

Bright Star Personalised Gifts for Adults

Gift a friend who love a glass of red or white with personalised wine labels – From $9.95

Personalised wine labels from Brightstar for  Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Why not go that extra step to make a Christmas gift even more special?

There are also; Mugs for $24.95, Aprons for $39.95, Stubby Holder for $19.95

T2 TEA – Three Little Teas – Christmas edition (limited) – $20.00

These T2 Tea sets are a wonderful gift for those tea lovers that enjoy trying to new flavours. Gift them with this special Christmas edition set or delicious dessert teas from the beloved brand so they’ll have plenty of tasty and unique cuppas to have this Christmas.

Three Little Teas pairs perfectly with a Christmas breakfast or lunch (or anytime if you love your teas!)

T2 Three Little Teas limited edition

T2 Five – Dessert Club – $40.00

Enjoy a soothing, sweet blend after your Christmas meals this summer with the Dessert Club teas.

T2 desseert club packaging and teas for Christmas Gift Guide 202


HANKEY Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray (Extendable)-  $56.99

Make selfcare simple with a bamboo caddy tray, great for holding all of your favourite relaxing-time items while you sink into a bath. This gift is a helpful way to encourage extra de-stressing for those in your life who may need it, or those who already love to live it up in the tub!

Hankee Caddy tray for bath, from Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager $99.95

Feeling stressed and tensed? Release all of that tension with this deep tissue massager, perfect for shoulders, neck, back, calves and feet. We had parents in mind when we thought of this gift (some of the most stressed people out there!), however it would actually be a wonderful gift for anyone looking to relax and get into self-care a bit more.

Wahl Deep Tissue Massager for Christmas Gift Guide 2020

For the Green Thumb

Northcote Pottery (available at Bunnings Warehouse). 

A great gift for anyone who loves gardening and making their garden their own creative space is a new, gorgeous Oakden Barrel Water Foundation or Cafestyle Villa Bird Bath. Spice up the garden with these gorgeous, functional decorations! The birds will love you for it.

Oakden Barrel Water Foundation – $138.00

Oakden Barrel Water Fountain for Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Cafestyle Villa Bird Bath – $55.00  

Cafestyle Villa Bird Bath from Northcote Pottery for Christmas Gift Guide 2020


Little Plant Co

These unique little pots from Little Plant Co are the cutest little home décor gifts for plant lovers. 

Patsy Ceramic Pot – $18.00

Patsy Ceramic Pot with plant in it from Little Plant Co, for Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Harry Hamster Pot – $20.00 

Harry Hamster pot


Christmas Gifts for the Family 

Ugly XMAS Rashie – from $64.95

Give a gift and donate to a great cause all in one! The Ugly Xmas Rashies are back again for 2020, providing unique designs and raising money with rashies and more for both kids and adults.

Proceeds from every purchase are donated to volunteer equipment, patrols and training for Surf Life Saving – heroes that us Aussie beach-goers rely on for safety.

Man at the beach smiles at camera wearing Ugly Xmas Rashie from Christmas Gift Guide 2020                                                                                                                        

TRAPPED – $20.00

Also available from Toyworld, EB Games, Zing 

The TRAPPED game is designed by escape room artists to turn any room into an escape room – full of fun and mind puzzles. The packs contain everything you need, including door signs, secret envelopes, wall posters, and more.

Have a blast trying to escape the room by following clues and using your brain to think outside of the box. Good luck!

Three TRAPPED game sets from Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Throw Throw Burrito Family Game – $34.00 

Also available from Kmart, Throw Throw Burrito website, Amazon and more 

Get ready for competitive fun with this unique game! It’s simple – collect your cards, play your hand, and throw things at the other players! The game includes 120 cards, 7 tokens, and 2 foam burritos soft enough to throw at anyone in the family (2 – 6 players).

Throw Throw Burrito packaging/game

Outdoor and Pool Necessities 

Thermacell Mini Halo Repeller – $69.95

Keep away all of the bugs within a 21-metre square zone when camping, picnicking and more. This repeller involves no messy or smelly oils or sprays or open flames. Simply turn it on…and Mosquitos are gone!

 Available in different colours. 

Luxe Lie-On Float – Watermelon – $79.95

Relax, lie down, and float around on your own slice of summer with this Watermelon float.

Watermelon Pool float for Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Luxe Pool Ring – Unicorn – $39.95

We knew unicorns were real! Drift in the cool waters on this creative and unique pool ring.

Unicorn pool float for Christmas Gift Guide 2020


No one will want to get out of the pool with these unique and fun accessories around!


Something you might not have considered yet in your gift buying journey are vouchers and passes for amazing experiences. Make sure to check out local activities, places to go and events in your region that you could buy tickets or gift vouchers for to give as a gift this Christmas. 

We hope our Christmas Gift Guide 2020 gives you a helping hand in deciding what to buy for anyone and everyone, or even just gives you a few ideas. Merry Christmas! 







Close up of a water droplet hanging from the end of a leaf, with a little earth photoshopped inside the droplet

The Earthshot Prize Comes to Life Thanks to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

In the 1960’s President John. F Kennedy created Moonshot, uniting people from around the world in efforts to put man on the moon. As part of this, amazing new technologies were developed around that time period. In addition, humans saw what we could achieve when we have a similar goal in sight, work as a team and put our brains together.

Now in 2020, Earthshot, a prestigious prize, has been created to incentivise people to join together and make changes that benefit our planet – and subsequently, us. The Earthshot Prize has five ‘Earthshots’; relatively simple yet big goals. These will hugely improve life on earth if achieved by 2030.

The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, perhaps better known as Prince William and Kate Middleton, runs the Earthshot Prize. The Duke and Duchess created the Foundation to unite people in tackling a variety of big challenges in today’s world, making a positive difference on issues that they are passionate about.

The Earthshots and Prizes

The Foundation grounds each Earthshot in scientifically agreed targets that will help repair the damage that our planet has suffered. This is crucial for both us now and future generations, to provide us and them with a good quality life and health. But it also goes beyond that; we have a beautiful planet full of unique nature and animals. This nature and our animals that we love will also suffer if we do not make changes and find ways to solve environmental problems NOW.

The targets form a set of challenges which will hopefully make new ways of thinking, new systems, policies, technologies and overall; solutions to these problems. The five Earthshots are:

  1. Protect and restore nature
  2. Clean our air
  3. Revive our oceans
  4. Build a waste-free world
  5. Fix our climate

Each Earthshot is broken down into more specific goals. For example, ‘Protect and restore nature’ focuses on repairing and protecting the homes of our animals. This could be in grasslands, wetlands, rainforests, lakes or rivers. Every year from 2021 to 2030 =an award ceremony will take place across the world in different cities. There, five winners will be awarded the Earthshot prize, each receiving one million-pound prizes (worth nearly 2 million AUD). Overall, this will provide 50 solutions to our planet’s greatest environmental problems by 2030!  

The Earthshot Prize Council is made up of influential people from around the globe. This team will award each Earthshot until 2030. The council includes Prince William, David Attenborough, Cate Blanchett, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Shakira, Naoko Yamazaki, Indra Nooyi and other well-known people.  

You can read more about each Earthshot and what it aims at achieving, as well as the full council list and list of Global Alliance Partners to Earthshot such as National Geographic, all on the Earthshot Prize website.