dental problems in pregnancy

Can Pregnancy Increase Your Risk of Dental Problems?

Dr Fay Callaghan – 1300 Smiles Dentists

Dear Dr Fay, is it true that pregnancy increases your risk of dental problems?

Yes, it certainly is true that pregnancy can increase your risk of dental problems. During pregnancy, your increased hormones can affect your body’s response to plaque, which can lead to oral health issues such as gum disease and an increased risk of tooth decay. Morning sickness and eating sugary foods due to cravings can also contribute to these issues. However, being pregnant doesn’t automatically damage your teeth.

If you are pregnant, be sure to continue the regular check-ups with your dentist, and be sure to let your dentist know that you’re pregnant.

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Why Is It So Important to Choose One Pharmacy?

Matthew Calanna – Calanna Whole Health Pharmacy

Dear Matthew, why is it so important to choose one pharmacy?

By choosing only one, your family is in safer hands. Why? All of your medication data will be in one place. This helps to avoid the risk of conflicting medications that could make you sicker.

We are able to learn about your medical history and make recommendations on the type of medicine you’re taking. Additionally, we can provide the correct dosage amounts. It helps us to better liaise with your GP and we can provide advice in emergency situations, such as losing an important script or what to do if you have missed a dose. Just like you’d choose one doctor, we’d love you to choose Calanna as your number one pharmacy, so our family can get to know yours.

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How Are Clear Aligners by Invisalign Made?

Dr Bobby Griffin

Sunbird Orthodontics

Dear Dr Bobby,

How are clear aligners by Invisalign made?

Invisalign is a company that manufactures clear aligners to help your Orthodontist manage a whole range of dental issues. These could be simple alignment of teeth through to complex function and bite issues.

The manufacturing of clear aligners is a fascinating process, especially if you’re a techno-freak like me! First the making of clear aligners by Invisalign begins with a 3D scan of the dentition. In total this process is painless, only about 10-minutes long, and also done in the Orthodontist chair. Next, technology stitches thousands of photographs together to create an incredible 3-dimensional image of your teeth and gums. Following this, Invisalign receives this enormous STL file online. This file now means the Orthodontist can then carefully begins planning your orthodontic treatment using some of the most advanced medical planning software you can imagine. 

Once your Orthodontist is happy that they have planned your case properly, Invisalign sets about manufacturing all the aligners needed for your case, from start to finish. In fact, manufacturers make the clear aligners through a process called stereolithography, which actually needs mind-boggling accuracy and precision. Lastly, the aligners arrive at the Orthodontic practice within a matter of days and are finally ready for the patient. 

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Is It Possible I Have Food Intolerance?

Calanna Whole Health Pharmacy

Dear Jana, I suffer from bloating and occasional diarrhoea. I think it’s caused by what I’m eating but I’m not sure. Is it possible I have food intolerance?

While it is possible you have a food intolerance, there are many causes of bloating and diarrhoea that you may first want to investigate. Because of this, and to better understand what the underlying cause may be, you may be asked what medications you are taking, if you’ve recently travelled, taken courses of antibiotics. Additionally you may be asked if you’ve had a recent stressful life experience.

After this, your practitioner may require you undergo some testing to identify pathogens or imbalances in the gut. Taking a diet and symptom diary for 1 week prior to a consultation would be very helpful.

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How Can I Stop My Dog From Running Away When We Take His Lead Off?

We’ve all been there – one minute we take the lead off our dog, the next minute they’ve picked up a scent and are off! Being unable to recall your dog is a potential danger to both your dog and other people. Your dog may get lost, a car may accidentally hit them, or other dogs may attack them. Having a consistent and reliable recall is an important skill that every dog exercised (off lead) needs to develop. Thankfully, the training is fun and rewarding!

Choose a recall word and provide consistent, positive reward

“Come” is a commonly chosen recall word. Additionally you could use your pets name. Use a friendly, positive voice, and when they come give them an instant, positive reward in the form of treat. Never call your dog to come in order to discipline them.. Never use a growl or an angry voice, as both of these can act as deterrents.

Start in a quiet area and gradually increase the amount of distractions

You can start recall training at home. When you’re in the house, randomly call your dog using your chosen command. As soon as they come provide them with a treat. Once they’ve picked this up, you can try training in your backyard for short, five minute sessions. Let them sniff around the backyard and get distracted, then call them using their command. When they come, give them a treat straight away.  Once they’ve mastered this, you can do this practice in a quiet part of an off-lead area in public. Note that in Queensland every public area is on-lead by default, unless it is clearly designated as being an off-lead area.

Once you’ve mastered the recall in a quiet public place, you can try it in a  much more distracting environment of a busy, off-lead area. Some dogs get too excited to recall. If this is the case, an intense run in the backyard before going into public can help to burn off some of this excitability.

What if they don’t come back?

If your dog doesn’t come back when you call them, sometimes getting their attention then running away from them can encourage them to catch up to you. Avoid the temptation to get angry or growl at them when they eventually return, as this provides negative feedback.

What if I don’t want to keep giving them treats?

When your dog is well trained, you can also try  teaching them a release command. This gives them permission to go and play. Eventually the release command can be used as the instant reward instead of the treat! If they return, give them a verbal reward, “good boy” for example. Then say, “okay, go!” and let them get back to their play.

Usually with enough time, consistency, and a increased exposure to more and more distracting environments, we can keep our dogs under control while they have fun in public.

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Are Braces Hard to Clean? – Sunbird Orthodontics Answers

Dr Bobby Griffin

Sunbird Orthodontics

Dear Dr Bobby,

Are Braces Hard to Keep Clean?

Your orthodontist will teach you how to keep your teeth clean while the braces are on. Most people who get braces already have good oral hygiene and they usually have no problem adapting. That said, some kids can get a bit lazy. Your orthodontist monitors oral hygiene at every visit and gives extra teaching and encouragement when necessary to help kids with oral hygiene. The upside to this oral hygiene education is that kids form good habits and become life-long experts on keeping their teeth clean.

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